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Are Shardblades dead spren?


Dead Shardblades are blades that were once owned by members of the Knights Radiant. If a Radiant that has a Shardblade betrays their oaths, their spren is killed and its body is trapped in the shape of the Blade.

Also, Is Zahel a Vasher?

Zahel is an ardent, yet a reclusive warrior who taught both Adolin and Renarin – plus Kaladin – how to use a Shardblade, and was also Azure’s swordmaster. He is the Worldhopper, Vasher, from Nalthis.

Considering this, Are all Shardblades spren?

Shardblades were devised as imitations of the Honorblades, which were created by Honor for the Heralds to imbue them with Surgebinding skills. … Honorblades are not spren, however. Just how Honor created them is not known. Shardblades are generally associated with Shardplate; a suit of armor that completes the set.

Who killed Eshonai?

In the Battle of Narak, she led the listener army, who had taken Stormform, to battle, with the intent to destroy the Alethi forces. After Adolin pushed her into a chasm, she rammed her Shardblade into the ground, in an attempt to not be swept away by the floodwaters. Despite her efforts, Eshonai drowned.

Hereof, Is Nightblood a Shardblade? Nightblood is a powerful, sentient sword and Shardblade originally from Nalthis. It was created by Shashara with assistance from Vasher.

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Is Azure from Warbreaker?

Azure first appears as Vivenna (age 22) in Warbreaker. She is firstborn, daughter of Dedelin, king of Idris, with (in birth order) brother Ridger, sister Fafen, and sister Siri (age 17). … When Vasher leaves, Vivenna uses Breath for the first time to Awaken and Command her bonds to untie.

Can Shardblades cut aluminum?

Q: “Can Shardblades cut aluminum?” A: “Well-um-yes, yes they can.

How does Elhokar die?

Though he attempted to swear the First Ideal of the Knights Radiant, presumably in an attempt to heal himself, he was then stabbed through the eye as well, all the while holding his son, and he was killed.

What is Szeth?

Szeth, (also known as Szeth-son-son-Vallano and Szeth-son-Neturo, after his predecessors, and the Assassin in White), Truthless of Shinovar is a Surgebinder and an assassin.

Is Eshonai a radiant?

Little Trivia: Eshonai was originally supposed to bond Timbre and become a Radiant. However, Brando Sando felt that too many soldiers (Dalinar, Kaladin, etc) becoming radiants was becoming superfluous. Therefore Venli was chosen instead.

Is odium a shard?

Odium is one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium. He was originally held by Rayse and was – for a time – one of the three Shards located on Roshar. Odium is now trapped on Braize and has nine magic systems (i.e., Voidbindings).

Does Kaladin kill Amaram?

Amaram betrayed Lirin as Tien was killed in his only battle soon after his conscription. Amaram later betrayed Kaladin, after being saved by him from an enemy Shardbearer (i.e., Helaran Davar).

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Meridas Amaram
Title(s) Brightlord, Highmarshal, Son of Honor
Family Brightlord Roshone (distant cousin)
Occupation Soldier

Does Szeth have a Spren?

Szeth has a spren. He just ignored it when he was young – because the shamans said he was crazy and it ended up with PTSD or something and hasn’t spoken to him since.

Can Nightblood kill HOID?

Because we know he can heal easily from a shardblade, but a shardblade cut, nightblood completely vaporizes the target. It may be the one thing capable of killing him.

Is Warbreaker on Roshar?


Vasher and Shashara create Nightblood during the days when they are in love based on the Shardblades they have seen on Roshar. … He doesn’t usually draw Nightblood; all Vasher has to do is throw him and let him do what he does.

Why is Vasher in Roshar?

Vasher moved to Roshar, the only planet he had been to besides Nalthis. His main purpose in returning to Roshar was to have easier access to the Investiture, in the form of Stormlight, that he needed in order to survive.

Are Vasher and Vivenna related?

After reuniting with her sister, Vivenna chose to travel with Vasher and participate in his adventures, beginning with his investigation of Yesteel’s return.

Who is the God King in Warbreaker?

Susebron is the God King of Hallandren on Nalthis around 300 years after the Manywar. He is a Returned and is given two or more Breaths every week by his subjects in order to keep him alive.

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Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Why does aluminum stop investiture?

An aluminum Misting is known as an Aluminum Gnat. Burning aluminum causes the body to instantly metabolize its metal reserves without any other effect. As such, an Aluminum Gnat gains no useable powers from their Allomancy, however, it can be used to negate effects of other Investiture such as Withering.

How did Sadeas get Oathbringer?

History. Oathbringer was bonded to Dalinar when he was twenty Weepings old. … Near the end of The Way of Kings, Dalinar gave the Blade to Sadeas in exchange for the bridgemen who’d protected him when Sadeas abandoned him to the Parshendi.

Why does Shallan need ten heartbeats?

Questioner(paraphrased): In Shallan, in the beginning and middle of the book it’s 10 heartbeats, and in the end of the book it’s none…? Brandon Sanderson(paraphrased): The 10 heartbeats is required to revive a dead Shardblade.

Why can rock see Spren?

Abilities. Rock is able to see spren whether they choose to be seen by him. … He claims that he is alaii’iku … that he can see spren while others cannot. He believes this is due to the others’ status as airsick lowlanders; that the air below the Horneater Peaks makes their brains stop working correctly.

Did Kaladin kill Elhokar?

During the fight the assassin said he did not come for Elhokar but for Dalinar. It ended when Kaladin pushed himself and the assassin out of the hole in the wall, plummeting into the air.

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