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Has anyone ever shot 100% in the NBA?


At time of writing, the last person to do it was Thomas Bryant on December 22nd, 2018 (31 points on 14/14 shooting). Caveat: this data is only fully accurate back to the 1983–84 season. Before that, many games lack FGA data , and thus a FG% statistic can’t be calculated.

P Player
— ————————–
1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 28,307
2. Karl Malone
3. Kobe Bryant
4. LeBron James*

Who takes the most shots in the NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Has any NBA team scored 200 points?

Think for a minute how improbable it is to score 200 points in 40 minutes. The Detroit Pistons scored the most points an NBA game in a 186-184 win over the Denver Nuggets in 1983. But that game went three overtimes, lasting 63 minutes.

Who has the most FGA in NBA history?

Rank Player FGA
—- ——————– —–
1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 28307
2. Karl Malone* 26210
3. Kobe Bryant* 26200
4. LeBron James 24849

Which team kicks the most field goals?

Rank Team 2019
—- ——– —-
1 Atlanta 2.5
2 Miami 1.9
3 Dallas 2.5
4 Carolina 2.0

What NBA player never missed a shot?

Cal Ripken

Who has the highest field goal percentage in the NBA right now?

The NBA career record for field goal percentage was held by DeAndre Jordan at 0.669. Now the highest field goal percentage for a single season is 0.742 by New York Knicks center Mitchell Robinson which was set during the abbreviated 2019–20 season.

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Why do I miss my basketball shots?

If you are missing a lot of shots because you have a flat shot or you don’t seem to get many shooter’s bounces, it could be because you are flinging your wrist or have a flat shot. You can check to see if you have this problem by bringing the ball to your set point and then bringing it straight down.

Who has the most field goals in football history?

kicker Rob Bironas

What was the lowest scoring NBA game ever?

Lowest Scoring Game: Pistons vs. 22, 1950 than there were points scored on the court. In the lowest scoring game of all time, the Fort Wayne Pistons beat the Minneapolis Lakers 19-18 that day.

Who missed the most shots in NBA?

– Kobe Bryant — 14,481 Missed Shots.
– John Havlicek — 13,417 Missed Shots. …
– Elvin Hayes — 13,296 Missed Shots. …
– Karl Malone— 12,682 Missed Shots. …
– Dirk Nowitzki — 12,565 Missed Shots. …
– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — 12,470 Missed Shots. …
– Michael Jordan — 12,345 Missed Shots. …

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How many total shots did Michael Jordan take?

His final two seasons in Chicago, Jordan made 997 mid-range shots, over 250 more than any other player. 16) In his final season with the Wizards, Jordan dunked 21 times. In his final season with the Lakers this season, Kobe Bryant has dunked four times.

Who has the best percentage in the NBA?

Rank Player FG%
—- ————– —–
1. DeAndre Jordan .6695
2. Rudy Gobert .6408
3. Tyson Chandler .5966
4. Steven Adams .5897

Who has the most airballs in NBA history?

Rank Player FGX
—- ————– —–
1. Kobe Bryant* 14481
2. John Havlicek* 13417
3. Elvin Hayes* 13296
4. Karl Malone* 12682

How many points have been scored in the NBA?

As of this morning (December 10, 2018), the answer is 12,172,164. That’s if you include the three seasons, 1946–1949, when the league still carried the name Basketball Association of America (BAA).

Who takes most shots in NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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