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How are NBA stats calculated?


Total fouls divided by games played. Total charges taken divided by games played. Total points scored for your team divided by games played. Total points scored by opponents divided by games played.

Points PTS
———————- —-
1 Russell WestbrookOKC 37.4
2 LeBron JamesCLE 32.8
3 Kevin DurantGS 28.5
3 James HardenHOU 28.5

How many points does the average NBA player score?

112.4 points

Who led the NBA in scoring in 2015?

1. Stephen Curry • GSW 805
— ———————– —
2. LeBron James • CLE 737
3. James Harden • HOU 710
4. Kevin Durant • OKC 698
5. Russell Westbrook • OKC 656

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How many points should a center average?

Who led the league in steals in 2015?

Rk Player (Team) Steals
— ————————— ——
1 Stephen Curry (Warriors) 169
2 Russell Westbrook (Thunder) 163
3 Ricky Rubio (Timberwolves) 162
4 Trevor Ariza (Rockets) 160

Who led the NBA in scoring?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Who led the league in steals last year?

Steals were not recorded and were not an official statistic until the 1973-74 season. Only 4 times the top stealerstealerIn basketball, a steal occurs when a defensive player legally causes a turnover by his positive, aggressive action(s). This can be done by deflecting and controlling, or by catching the opponent’s pass or dribble of an offensive player. … Therefore, attempting to steal is a gamble.en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Steal_(basketball)Steal (basketball) – Wikipedia has been in the championship team: Rick Barry in 1975, Magic JohnsonMagic JohnsonMagic Johnson was born Earvin Johnson Jr. on August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan. From a large family, Johnson grew up with nine brothers and sisters. Both of his parents worked—his father for the General Motors plant in town and his mother as a school custodian.www.biography.com › athlete › magic-johnsonMagic Johnson – Son, Stats & Wife – Biography in 1982, Michael JordanMichael JordanBasketball superstar Michael Jordan (born 1963) was one of the most successful, popular, and wealthy athletes in college, Olympic, and professional sports history. … He did not make the high school basketball team as a sophomore in his native Wilmington, North Carolina, but did make the team as a junior.biography.yourdictionary.com › michael-jordanMichael Jordan – Biography in 1993 and Draymond GreenDraymond GreenChildhood & Early Life Green stayed with his mother after her divorce and is said to be very close to her. He grew up in Saginaw, Michigan and attended Saginaw High School. He has two brothers: Torrian Harris and Braylon Green, and three sisters: LaToya Barbers, Jordan Davis, and Gabby Davis.www.thefamouspeople.com › profiles › draymond-green-36222Draymond Green Biography – Facts, Childhood, Family Life, Career in 2017. Stephen CurryStephen CurryWardell Stephen Curry II is the son of Sonya and Dell Curry. He was born in Akron, Ohio while his father was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his father spent most of his NBA career with the Charlotte Hornets.en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Stephen_CurryStephen Curry – Wikipedia was the scoring and steals leader in 2015-16.

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Who led the NBA in scoring in 2016?

Stephen Curry

Who led the league in steals NBA?

Steals STL
——————– —
1 Larry Nance Jr.CLE 2.7
2 Dillon BrooksMEM 2.2
2 OG AnunobyTOR 2.2
4 Jrue HolidayMIL 2.0

How many NBA players scored 3000 points in a season?

Jordan scored 61 points Thursday night and became the first player in 24 years–and the only man other than Wilt Chamberlain–to score 3,000 points in a single National Basketball Assn. season.Apr 18, 1987

What is an average 3 point percentage?

From 2012-13 to 2013-14, the average accuracy from 3-point range in the NBA only went up from 35.9 percent to 36 percent. However, teams averaged 130 more attempts than the previous campaign. The volume went way up and the accuracy ticked up slightly, showing a much smarter use of 3-pointers.

Who led the NBA in steals in 2016?

John Wall

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Who averaged the most steals in the NBA?

Player Steals
— ———————- ——
1. Alvin Robertson 2.71
2. Micheal Ray Richardson 2.63
3. Michael Jordan 2.35
4. Mookie Blaylock 2.33

Who led the NBA in scoring this year?

Points PTS
—————– —-
1 James HardenHOU 37.0
2 Bradley BealWSH 31.2
3 Kevin DurantBKN 28.2
3 Trae YoungATL 28.2

Who averaged the most points in a single NBA season?

Wilt Chamberlain

Who led the NBA in steals last year?

Who had the most total steals in the 2019-20 Regular Season? Playing for the Houston Rockets, James Harden led the NBA with a total of 125 steals in 68 games.

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