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How many Laliga does Real Madrid have?


In domestic football, the club has won 67 trophies; a record 34 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey, 12 Supercopa de España, a Copa Eva Duarte, and a Copa de la Liga.

Thereof, Who scored Real Madrid goals? Goalscorers

Rank Player League
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 311 (292)
2 Raúl 228 (550)
3 Alfredo Di Stéfano 216 (282)
4 Karim Benzema 209 (404)

Who has the most Copa del Rey titles? FC Barcelona has won more Copa del Rey championships than any other team, beating rival Real Madrid by 11 wins. Athletic Club de Bilbao also carries more titles than Madrid, with 23 victories.

Then Who has more titles Real Madrid or Barcelona? But, how do both teams compare in total trophies won? Real Madrid have amassed 119 trophy wins, in regional, national, continental and global competitions. Barcelona, on the other hand, have gathered 130 titles over their history.

What is Real Madrid biggest defeat?

On 13 June 1943, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11–1 at home in the second leg of a semi-final of the Copa del Generalísimo, the Copa del Rey having been renamed in honour of General Franco.

What is Barcelona biggest defeat? Top 6 Biggest Barcelona Losses

  • AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona (1994, European Final) …
  • Bayern Munich 7-0 Barcelona ( 2013 Champions League semi-final) …
  • Sevilla 11-1 Barcelona (1940 La Liga) …
  • Real Madrid 8-2 Barcelona (1935 La Liga) …
  • Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona (1943, Copa del Rey semi-final)
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Is it true Barca beat Real Madrid by 15 1 in 1926? In 1926, FC Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 15-1 on aggregate. Isack Muya and 1,529 others like this. … Barcelona fans, how are you filling now, we Real madrid are filling no one will defeat us.. are you there?

How many Copa del Rey does Real Madrid have? Real Madrid has won more Spanish top-division (La Liga) championships (33) than any other Spanish side. The club has also won the Copa del Rey, the main Spanish cup competition, 19 times, as well as nine Spanish Super Cups and two Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Cups (1985 and 1986).

How many trophies has Messi won?

Messi has a Spanish football-dominated trophy cabinet after 17 years at Barcelona, and won a club-record 34 major trophies with Barcelona, including 10 La Liga titles, four Champions Leagues, seven Copa del Rey titles, seven Spanish Super Cups, three UEFA Super Cups and three FIFA Club World Cups.

How many Laliga has Barcelona won? La Liga, the top Spanish football league, was formed in 1929, and Barcelona captured the title in the league’s inaugural season. The club has won La Liga 26 times and has never been relegated to a lower division.

Who is the king of El Clasico? Lionel Messi is still the best player in world football, but only just. He is the undisputed king of El Clasico.

Who has won more El Clasicos Messi or Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi, who debuted in his first Clásico in 2005, has registered 19 wins, 11 draws and 15 defeats. Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo, who played his first Clásico in November 2009, has a record of eight wins, eight draws and 14 losses.

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Who is Real Madrid best player ever?

Alfredo Di Stéfano, the best player of all time passed away aged 88. He was a unique and one-off person; a genuis who took Real Madrid to the top and turned them into the world’s most important club. Player, coach, Honorary President… A life full of sucess with the Whites.

Who is the greatest player of Real Madrid? Alfredo di Stéfano

The greatest player of all time. He attacked, defended, conducted the play, scored goals… He was omnipresent. Di Stéfano played for Madrid from 1953 to 1964, amassing 396 appearances and 307 goals.

Who wins the most El Clasico?

A – Barcelona has won the most El Clasico matches – 115.

Is Liverpool better than Barca? Is Liverpool FC better than Barcelona? Currently Barcelona has a better 1vs1 performance index with 72. Liverpool FC has 9 goals and Barcelona has a total of 9 goals. Our opinion is that currently Barcelona would win the match.

What is Chelsea biggest defeat?

Chelsea FC Biggest Loss

  • Record defeat – 1–8 v. Wolverhampton Wanderers, First Division, 26 September 1953.
  • Record League defeat – 1–8 v. Wolverhampton Wanderers, First Division, 26 September 1953.

Who has more El Clasico wins? A – Barcelona has won the most El Clasico matches – 115.

When did Barcelona beat Real Madrid 11?

Back in 1943, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11-1 in the second leg of the Copa del Rey (previously known as Copa del Generalisimo). The defeat became known as the biggest Barcelona loss to date.

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Who is the best between Barcelona and Real Madrid? In 228 competitive meetings between the sides, Real Madrid have won 91 to Barcelona’s 88. In those games, Real Madrid lead the scoring 385 to 371, with Barcelona closing the gap in recent times.

Who is the king of Real Madrid?

He has garnered well over 200 goals, numerous Champions League and La Liga titles and is a respected and admired ambassador for the sport. Raul rightfully sits alongside the other greats of legendary status who have played for the club. But he is undoubtedly the king of kings for Real Madrid in the 21st century.

Who has more records Messi or Ronaldo? Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Stats

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 790 goals in 1080 games in his entire career (0.73 goals per game). Meanwhile, Lionel Messi has scored 752 goals in 935 games (0.80 goals per game). Ronaldo has played 145 games more than Messi and has scored only 38 goals more than him.

Who is better Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi is the all-time La Liga top scorer, as well as having the most assists in the competition’s history – with Ronaldo in second for goals scored and in third for assists provided – while Ronaldo is the UEFA Champions League all-time top goalscorer and assist provider, with Messi in second for both goals scored and …

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