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How much did Kevin Garnett make?


8 million USD2016


How much is Kevin Garnett worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Garnett has a net worth of $120 million. During his career, he made a total of $334 million. Garnett came straight out of high school, and he ended his NBA career as a millionaire.

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How much did Kevin Garnett make in his career?

AP Kevin Garnett has announced his retirement from the NBA. Garnett was a 15-time All-Star and a four-time first-team All-NBA. He won a championship with the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics. He also retires having made $326 million in his career, the most in NBA history.

Is Kevin Garnett the highest paid player?

Kevin Garnett was the highest-paid player during the 2008–09, 2007–08, and 2006–07 seasons; he relinquished that position to Shaquille O’Neal for two seasons, but was also the highest-paid player during the 2003–04, 2002–03, 2001–02, and 2000–01 seasons.

Who is the highest paid NBL player?

Bryce Cotton

Why is Kevin Garnett still getting paid?

6. Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett’s career lasted 21 years and included tons of highlights, including an NBA title. Even though he left the game in 2016, the Celtics owe him $5 million a year over seven years after his retirement, so the team will be paying him until the 2021-22 season.

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What is Kevin Garnett 2020 worth?

$120 million

How did Kevin Garnett make so much money?

8 million USD2016

How much did Kevin Garnett get paid?

8 million USD2016

What age did Kevin Garnett retire?

Kevin Garnett was recently selected for enshrinement into the Basketball Hall of Fame, but he is “not entertaining” the idea of the Minnesota Timberwolves retiring his No. 21, saying he still hasn’t forgiven team owner Glen Taylor after an acrimonious split in 2016. “Glen knows where I’m at. I’m not entertaining it.

What is Kevin Garnett worth?

$120 million

How much money did Kevin Garnett made in his NBA career?

The former NBA MVP is still way above everyone in terms of total career salary, collecting a whopping total of $334.3 million during his stints with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Garnett earned $11 million more than the late Kobe Bryant who sits number two at the list.

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What happened Kevin Garnett?

Garnett spent 14 seasons with the Timberwolves, including his final NBA season in 2015-16. Although he spent just six years with the Boston Celtics, the team announced in February that his No. 5 jersey would be retired during the 2020-21 season.

How much is a Kevin Garnett rookie card worth?

1995 Classic Instant Energy #5 Kevin Garnett $1.51
————————————————— —–
1995 Fleer Rookie Phenoms #1 Kevin Garnett $8.28
1995 Fleer Rookie Phenoms Hot Pack #1 Kevin Garnett $2.03
1995 Metal #167 Kevin Garnett $2.28
1995 Metal Tempered Steel #4 Kevin Garnett $5.71

How much is a rookie LeBron James card worth?

LeBron James rookie card sells for modern-day record $1.8 million. A LeBron James rookie card with a swatch of his Cleveland Cavaliers uniform sold at auction Sunday for a record-setting price of $1.845 million.

How much was Kevin Garnett first contract?

Franchise player (1997–2001) One hour before the deadline on 1 October 1997, the Timberwolves and Garnett agreed on a six-year contract extension that was worth an unparalleled $126 million.

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