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Is Devin Booker a father?


Although Devin Booker has been tremendous in his short time in the NBA, his Phoenix Suns teams have been anything but. … Melvin Booker (Devin Booker’s father) is tired of watching his son go for a meaningless 26 a night just to get smoked habitually on Fox Sports Arizona.

Keeping it light! Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are going strong five months after they were first linked.

Is Devin Booker a dad?

However, things off the court for Booker has been interesting, to say the least. According to Gossip in the City exclusive Dark Room, Devin Booker is the father of Instagram model Aaleeyah Petty’s baby.

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Who is Devin Booker sister?

sister Mya

Who is Devin Booker sponsored by?

Devin Booker signed the richest deal in Phoenix Suns franchise history in 2018, worth $158 million over five years. The deal peaks with a $36 million salary for the 2023-24 NBA season. The point guard was a coveted sneaker free agent in 2019, which enabled him to snag a huge extension to stay with Nike.

Does Devin Booker speak Spanish?

Speaking to Uproxx, Booker revealed that he has been learning some Spanish while stuck indoors due to coronavirus. “I actually have Spanish lessons today. [Learning] Spanish is one of my five-year goals that I want to get in touch with.

What is Devin Booker net worth?

Devin Booker net worth: Devin Booker is an American professional basketball player who has a net worth of $2 million. Devin Booker was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in October 1996.

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How much money does Devin Booker make?

27.28 million USD2019

Does Devin Booker have a Down syndrome sister?

Phoenix Suns All-Star Devin Booker Named Newest Special Olympics Global Ambassador. Booker’s support inspired by bond with his sister. … Booker’s younger sister Mya has 22q11. 2 deletion syndrome, also known as DiGeorge syndrome, which is caused by a missing piece of chromosome 22.

What nationality is Devin Booker?


Does Devin Booker have a wife?

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner are the NBA’s hottest new couple.

How much is Devin Booker worth?

Devin Booker has an estimated net worth of $2 million, but that will soon change once the massive contract he signed in 2018 kicks in.

Is Devin Booker going to be a free agent?

Booker is eligible to sign a five-year deal worth $156 million with the Suns next offseason. If the 21-year-old doesn’t sign an extension this summer, he will be a restricted free agent in 2019. … The Suns (20-59) could have three first-round picks in the talented 2018 NBA draft.

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What is Devin Booker salary?

27.28 million USD2019

Is Devin Booker Hispanic?

A lot of people are not aware that Devin does indeed have Hispanic blood. His grandfather was an immigrant from Nogales, Mexico where he and his family stayed for decades. Booker’s parents met while father Melvin played semi-professional basketball for the local Grand Rapids team.

Is Devin Booker Mexican?

Booker was born and raised in Grand Rapids, living with his Mexican-American and Puerto Rican mother while his African-American father pursued a professional basketball career internationally.

How many years are left on Devin bookers contract?

Contract: 5 yr(s) / $158,253,000
————— ———————-
Average Salary: $31,650,600
Signed Using: Bird
Free Agent: 2024 / UFA

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