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Is James Harden injury?


Harden suffered a right hamstring injury on a drive to the basket 43 seconds into Game 1. The Nets called a timeout, Harden left the game and did not return. Harden underwent an MRI, which reportedly revealed no structural damage. “I’m heartbroken for him,” Nash said of Harden after the game.

Simply so, Does Durant hurt?

The team announced that Durant would be out for the remainder of the game with what was ruled as a left thigh contusion. Kevin Durant is out for the remainder of the game due to a left thigh contusion. … Stick with NBA.com for more updates regarding Durant’s injury and his status moving forward.

Similarly, How many times has Kyrie been injured?

Kyrie Irving Injury History: 2019

Irving missed 15 games due to a combination of an eye injury, a hip strain, a knee strain, and a thigh contusion.

What are the worst injuries in basketball?

The Top 5 Basketball Injuries That Ended Players’ Careers

  • Knee injuries. From torn anterior cruciate ligaments to fractured kneecaps, knee problems are rife among National Basketball Association (NBA) players, who had their careers cut short. …
  • Foot injuries. …
  • Back injuries. …
  • Ankle injuries. …
  • Leg injuries.

Furthermore, Did Kevin Durant hurt himself again?
And given that his minutes were expected to rise, a 40-point output seemed possible. But then Durant drove to the basket, and then he got hurt again. This time, it was a left thigh contusion that sent the All-Star forward to the locker room just four minutes in, and Durant didn’t return.

What did Kyrie hurt?

After missing Games 5 and 6, Nets guard Kyrie Irving has been ruled out due to the ankle injury he suffered in Game 4 of the second-round series.

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When did Kyrie get injured 2021?


Date Description
04/11/2021 Personal
03/22/2021 Personal
03/17/2021 Groin
02/27/2021 Injury Recovery

Is Kyrie back for Game 7?

Irving is listed as out for Game 7 on the Nets’ official injury report. Brooklyn coach Steve Nash told reporters on Friday that Irving continues to receive treatment but still has “some miles to make up.” Nash did offer a glimmer of hope, though, saying that Irving’s ankle injury is not considered season-ending.

What injury takes the longest to heal?

Average Healing Times for Common Injuries

  • Nerves typically take the longest, healing after 3-4 months.
  • Cartilage takes about 12 weeks to heal.
  • Ligaments take about 10-12 weeks to heal.
  • Bones take about 6-8 weeks to heal on average.

What is the most painful injury?

Broken Femur

Broken femurs are said to be one of the worst, which makes sense due to the fact that it’s the strongest bone in the body. Because of that, it would take an immense force to break it in the first place. Femurs can take a while to fully heal and can still lead to pain and other problems down the line.

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What’s the worst injury?

5 of the Worst Sports Injuries An Athlete Could Encounter

  • Severe Concussion. Concussions are common with athletes and are a devastating injury that can affect the motor function both in the short term and long term. …
  • Torn ACL. …
  • Torn Ulnar Lateral Ligament. …
  • Broken Leg. …
  • Fractured Vertebrae.

How bad is a ruptured Achilles?

If your Achilles tendon ruptures, you might hear a pop, followed by an immediate sharp pain in the back of your ankle and lower leg that is likely to affect your ability to walk properly. Surgery is often performed to repair the rupture. For many people, however, nonsurgical treatment works just as well.

What happened to KD Game 5?

Durant tore his right Achilles tendon on June 10, 2019 in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. … He held his lower right leg as he sat on the court, and the injury was diagnosed as a torn Achilles tendon.

What happened KD?

Initially, Kevin Durant was only supposed to be out for a few games. But after the player was ruled out with a hamstring strain, further scans revealed that there was significant internal bleeding. Durant was sidelined indefinitely, and he missed the NBA All-Star game, despite being an All-Star captain.

What did Kyrie do to his leg?

Irving was hurt in the second quarter in the Nets matchup with the Bucks, as he landed awkwardly and rolled his ankle on a shooting attempt. He would stay down on the floor for the ensuing possession.

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Will Kyrie play Game 6?

Kyrie Irving will miss Game 6 on Thursday evening against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Brooklyn Nets will once again be without Kyrie Irving during their second-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks when they play Game 6 in Milwaukee on Thursday. … Irving injured his ankle in the first half of Game 4.

What did Kyrie do to his ankle?

Bucks With Ankle Sprain. Irving made a layup with six minutes left in the first half and landed awkwardly on Giannis Antetokounmpo’s foot, grabbing his ankle in pain while on the floor. … He eventually walked back to the locker room under his own power.

What happened with Kyrie Irving?

The Nets have ruled Kyrie Irving out for Saturday’s Game 7 (8:30 ET, TNT) with the Bucks as he continues to rehab his sprained right ankle. Nets coach Steve Nash said Irving has “some miles to go” in his recovery process after injuring his ankle midway through Game 4.

Is Kyrie Irving playing in Game 7 vs bucks?

After suffering a sprained ankle in Game 4 against the Milwaukee Bucks, Kyrie Irving missed Games 5 and 6 in this series and is now set to miss Game 7 as confirmed by head coach Steve Nash.

How many Game 7s have there been in NBA history?

Since the inception of the NBA, 134 game sevens have been played. Of those, seven went into overtime, and one into double overtime. Twenty-eight game sevens have been won by the road team. Every active NBA franchise has played in at least one game seven.

What’s the slowest healing body part?

Cartilage is avascular, meaning that it has no blood supply. The lack of blood circulation in cartilage means that it is a very slow-healing type of tissue. Nutrition to cartilage is maintained by fluid in the joints, which lubricates the tissue.

What is the slowest healing bone?

Unfortunately, the scaphoid bone has a track record of being the slowest or one of hardest bones to heal.

What injury takes 3 months to heal?

Tennis elbow recovery. Recovery from a tennis elbow differs from person to person. The average healing time is 3 – 12 months for full recovery.

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