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Is Vai Sikahema a Mormon?


Sikahema is a member of LDS Church. … Sikahema served for a year as an area seventy in the LDS Church, until he was sustained as a general authority seventy during the church’s April 2021 general conference. He previously served as a stake president from 2014 to 2019, when he was called as an area seventy.

Also to know is Is Rosemary Connor pregnant?

“Awesome news!” Shipp, however, isn’t the only NBC10 team member expecting a new child in 2020. Weekday anchor Rosemary Connors announced last month that she and husband Ben Cross are also expecting their first child — a boy — who is set to arrive in April.

Considering this, Did Vai Sikahema retire?

After decades on air at NBC10, Vai Sikahema is retiring, but before he does, he visits Erin Coleman’s family as she prepares to take over morning news anchor duties.

Keeping this in consideration Who is the pregnant girl on the Weather Channel? Who is the pregnant lady on the Weather Channel? Dylan Marie Dreyer (born August 2, 1981) is an American television meteorologist working for NBC News.

What is Brittney Shipp’s salary?

Brittney Shipp Salary

She serves as a meteorologist at NBC10, she, therefore, receives a satisfactory salary. Brittney’s average salary is $71,656 per year.

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What happened Brittany Shipp?

Brittney returned to NBC10 after spending two years as a Chief Meteorologist at KRON-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is excited to be back working in the Greater Philadelphia area and making an impact on the community. “I love the challenge the Philadelphia, New Jersey & Delaware markets present,” she said.

Who will replace Vai Sikahema?

Keith Jones Goes From Vai Sikahema’s Intern to His Replacement on NBC10 Morning Show – NBC10 Philadelphia.

Who is leaving NBC10?

NBC10 anchor and former Philadelphia Eagle Vai Sikahema will retire from his morning news post later this year, the station confirmed Thursday. After more than 25 years, Sikahema plans to say goodbye to viewers in November.

How old is Terry Ruggles?

Terry Ruggles, 67, greeted us in our living rooms with breaking news stories, light-hearted features and even the weather.

Is Shanell on Today Show pregnant?

Is Sheinelle Jones pregnant? As far as we know, Sheinelle Jones is not pregnant. … Unfortunately for Sheinelle, relentless fans likely just assumed she was pregnant after watching her on the morning show.

What is the gender of Dylan’s baby?

Savannah had the best response to the happy news, telling her co-star that the baby should be a girl. “I just want you to have a girl, but I bet it’s a boy,” she said. Savannah proved to be correct, as later on in the show, Dylan announced the gender – revealing that she was indeed expecting her third son.

Is Savannah pregnant again 2021?

So, is Savannah Guthrie pregnant again? Probably not. According to Distractify, the 49-year-old show host told audiences at the promotion event for her children’s book, Princesses Wear Pants, “I am so happy with my two little ones.

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Who is Brittany Boyer?

Brittany Boyer is an American on-air meteorologist and a severe weather expert with AccuWeather. Her responsibilities include forecasting national weather and covering severe weather conditions. She uses her knowledge and experience to make forecasts so that viewers can make appropriate decisions for their day.

Is Steve Sosna married?

He lives in Philadelphia with his husband, NBC News meteorologist Steven Sosna. The two were married in New York City in October 2017 in a ceremony officiated by Jim Obergefell, Supreme Court marriage equality plaintiff in the landmark Obergefell v.

Did Brittany Shipp have a boy or girl?

Brittney Shipp Jontue Long

Along with that, Shipp shared an Instagram post where she announced that she was expecting a baby with her beau Jontue. They had an engagement in October. Shipp and Long have their baby girl Zoey in June.

Who is Aunyea Lachelle?

Aunyea Lachelle is a lifestyle & entertainment reporter for NBC10 Philadelphia. You can watch her reports weekdays on Philly Live at 11:45 a.m. Prior to joining NBC10, Aunyea worked as a community affairs coordinator, programming producer and digital reporter at WPVI. …

Is Krystal engaged?

Krystal lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Josh. The two got engaged right in Center City in 2019 and were married in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, in Spring of 2021.

Why was Denise Nakano let go?

Nakano did not specify the reason for her departure, but Crossing Broad reported that NBC10 has begun offering buyouts to interested employees. In a separate Facebook post, Nakano noted the ongoing hardships created by the coronavirus pandemic and said she plans to spend the summer at the Jersey Shore.

Where is Sheena Parveen working now?

Sheena Parveen is an American meteorologist. She is currently working for NBC4 News as the station’s weather reporter as well as a forecaster. Sheena always reports the weather at 1100 as well as 1700.

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Who is pregnant on the TODAY show?

Dylan Dreyer reveals she’s pregnant with 3rd child

3! The TODAY co-anchor and meteorologist announced Tuesday morning that she and her husband, Brian Fichera, are expecting their third child this November — and it’s a boy!

What is sheinelle Jones salary?

According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Sheinelle Jones’s net worth as of early 2019, revolves around the impressive sum of $23 million with an estimated annual salary of $1 million, but including property in the center of New York City.

Why is Chanel Jones in SC?

Sheinelle went down south to recover from her vocal cord surgery. After shelter-in-place orders were set in place, she and the rest of her family decided to stay put in South Carolina to ride out the rest of quarantine.

Is Dylan on today pregnant again?

Dylan Dreyer Is Pregnant! Today Show Star Expecting Third Child After Secondary Infertility. Dylan Dreyer will soon be a mom of three! The Today show co-anchor and NBC News meteorologist is expecting her third child with husband Brian Fichera, she announced on Tuesday’s episode of Today.

Is Dylan on today pregnant?

After giving up on trying for a third child, the TODAY meteorologist and co-host is pregnant! After giving up on trying for a third child, the TODAY meteorologist and co-host is pregnant! TODAY co-host Sheinelle Jones thinks Dylan and Fichera should go with Maxwell.

What is Dylan from the Today Show having?

“We have one in our head that we like right now,” Dylan said in early May. “We like to see if it simmers for a week or two and then we’re like, ‘We’re over it. ‘” The baby boy is due in November and will join his older brothers, Calvin and 1-year-old Oliver.

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