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Is Wesley Crusher really Picard’s son?


And of course, Wesley is the son of Beverly Crusher, who has always been a romantic interest of Picard’s. Also, Picard served with Wesley’s father Jack Crusher until his death on the USS Stargazer, which was under the command of Jean Luc-Picard, and this tragedy is something that weighed heavily on Picard.

Also to know is How old is John Luke Picard?

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard, is in his fifties and sixties – significantly older than William Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk. In Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk had become captain of the Enterprise at 32, making him the youngest Starfleet captain to date.

Considering this, Does Deanna Troi marry Worf?

In another reality, Worf is first officer of the Enterprise serving under Capt. Riker who assumed command after Capt. Picard was killed by the Borg. He is married to Deanna Troi and has a daughter Shannara Rozhenko and a son Eric Christopher Rozhenko.

Keeping this in consideration Will Will Wheaton be in Picard? Wheaton’s last on-screen Star Trek appearance came via a fleeting cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis, but the redemption of Wesley Crusher could finally happen in Star Trek: Picard season 2.

Why does Picard hate Wesley?

He would be harder on Wes since he was his son, so he had high expectations of him. Or because he was Gene’s Self-Insert Sue and everyone else on the show (in and out of Universe) hated him….that’s more likely.

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How did Picard die?

After Picard and Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) use Rios’ (Santiago Cabrera) ship to defend the homeworld of an advanced race of androids (Synths) from the Romulan armada hellbent on wiping them out, Picard succumbs to his neurological ailment and dies.

Who was captain of the Enterprise before Picard?

Enterprise NCC-1701 was built in the San Francisco Yards orbiting Earth. The Constitution-class starship was previously captained by Robert April and Christopher Pike, before coming under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.

What happened to Picard’s son?

Jason Vigo was a male Human in the 24th century. … In 2370, Vigo became involved in a plot by a Ferengi, DaiMon Bok, to exact revenge on Jean-Luc Picard, who killed his son several years prior. Bok secretly resequenced Vigo’s DNA so that a genetic test would conclude he was Picard’s son.

Did Worf sleep with Troi?

Forum:Did Troi and Worf really sleep together? … Since Pierce was dead at the time of the action, there was no way that Worf and Troi could have interviewed him. And they were shown to have slept together after their interview with him.

Did Troi marry Worf and Riker?

However, Riker and Troi remained platonic throughout TNG, until they rekindled their love affair in Star Trek: Insurrection and they finally married in the last TNG movie, Star Trek: Nemesis.

Does Deanna Troi die?

In the darker timeline in which the Federation is at war with the Klingons, seen in the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, Deanna is notably absent from the Enterprise’s bridge; the novel “Q-Squared” explains that she died when the Klingons destroyed Betazed.

Will Janeway be in Picard?

With the debut of Star Trek: Picard, many fans have wondered if we’d get a glimpse of Janeway or any other Voyager crew members, since Seven of Nine is already on hand. It’s interesting that when next we see her, it will be in animation, and seemingly not in the era of Star Trek: Picard.

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Is there a 2nd season of Picard?

After a triumphant debut in 2020, Star Trek: Picard aims to continue its bold mission in season 2. The pandemic delayed filming until early 2021, but the series is making up for lost time and the show will return for season 2 soon.

How many times did Riker get laid?

Riker are both the Casanovas of their corresponding series. We know that in Kirk’s case, the reputation is somewhat undeserved (as noted in this answer, he bedded between 7 and 11 people, depending on how much of in-universe hard evidence you require; in 79 episodes, 9 movies and many books.

Does Picard hate Wesley?

Picard did not dislike Wesley. He simply never treated Wesley like a child. When Wesley made mistakes, they were adult-sized mistakes, and Picard made certain that Wesley received adult-sized repercussions.

Why did Wesley Crusher leave?

In 2370, cadet Crusher resigned from Starfleet Academy after The Traveler – posing as a villager on Dorvan V – guided him through a vision of his deceased father who told him that his destiny lay somewhere other than with Starfleet and that he should not follow in his footsteps.

Did Picard kill Jack Crusher?

Through a series of events manipulated by Trelane, including the implication that Wesley died solely so that the universe could bring Picard and Beverly together- as well as Trelane ‘tweaking’ Jack’s mind so that he believes Picard let him die in the ‘main’ universe on purpose rather than as an accident- this Jack …

Does Hugh die in Picard?

Unfortunately, Hugh only appeared in three episodes of Star Trek: Picard before he was killed in a heartbreaking scene that left many fans wondering why he had to be sacrificed. … He spent his last moment alive sharing vital information with Elnor, and throughout his final episode, showed the ultimate in sacrifice.

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Why did DATA die in Picard?

Star Trek: Picard season 1 ended with a remarkable reshuffling of the TNG deck: Data died like a human being after Picard also died from his brain abnormality and was reborn in a synthetic body.

Why is Janeway the worst captain?

Kathryn Janeway was a psychopathic Starship Captain in the 24th century. Terrified of making the woman captain look weak the writers made sure she was always right, even when it contradicted other episodes and other decisions by her. Janeway at least had the common sense to leave her dog at home. …

Who is the best captain of the Enterprise?

Jean-Luc Picard is the best the Enterprise has ever known

Probably no two Star Trek captains are weighed against each other more often than Kirk and Picard.

Why did Riker grow a beard?

According to Jonathan Frakes (the actor who portrays Riker) the beard was a result of his personal hatred of shaving, combined with the 1988 writer’s strike meaning that he had more time between shows than normal.

Is elnor Picard’s son?

Elnor was an orphan raised by the sisters on the planet of Vashti — hence why other Romulans nicknamed him “sister boy.” As a child, Elnor idealized Picard and saw him as a father figure. However, when synthetic life forms revolt on Mars, Picard is pulled away from his work on Vashti.

Does Picard son die?

Picard receives a disturbing message from DaiMon Bok, the Ferengi whose son Picard killed in battle years before.

Does Picard have a daughter?

Olivia Picard was Jean-Luc Picard’s daughter during his Nexus experience in 2371. Olivia Picard was played by Olivia Hack. According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (3rd ed., p. 324), Olivia Picard was ten years old, the same age as her brother Matthew Picard.

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