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Should I Use Z-Star Or Xv?


Z-Star covers are likely the thinnest in golf and should provide enough spin around the greens to satisfy most golfers. The XV is about 15 points firmer than the standard model so it should prove a bit faster, most appreciably off the driver.

Then What is Srixons best ball? Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball is Srixon’s best ever high performance three-piece ball. Soft with maximum control. 324 large seamless dimple design with a larger, softer core and ultra-thin cover provides flight stability and exceptional spin and control .

Furthermore, What Srixon ball do pros use?

The Z-STAR is Srixon’s premier tour golf ball. A premium offering optimized for the world’s best players, Z-STAR uses a urethane cover and 3-layer construction to deliver low driver spin, high approach spin, and a controllable trajectory, even in high winds.

Who should use Srixon Soft Feel? The company recommends it for golfers with swing speeds below 100 mph, but those in the 70 – 80 range are more likely to enjoy its full benefits – improved distance, higher launch, minimal sidespin. The Srixon Soft Feel is available in Pure White and Tour Yellow.

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What is the compression of Srixon Q Star?

The new Srixon Q-Star features a softer core with a slightly lower overall ball compression than its predecessor, dropping to 75 from 77, according to Michael Ross, senior product manager at Srixon. The goal is for softer feel on full shots, as well as less spin on driver shots.

What golf ball does Jordan Spieth use?

What’s In The Bag: Jon Rahm

Jordan Spieth uses the Titleist Pro V1x (2021) golf ball. Jordan Spieth uses the Titleist 818H2 golf hybrid.

What golf ball does Phil Mickelson use?

Lefty currently uses Callaway’s Chrome Soft X golf ball featuring Graphene – one of the strongest materials known to man. The ‘X’ model delivers lower spin and firmer feel than the regular Chrome Soft for faster swinging players.

What ball does Matsuyama play?

His ball is the Srixon Z Star XV.

What compression is Srixon AD333?



What is the difference between Z-Star and Z-Star XV?

The Srixon Z-STAR is the softer-feeling, higher-spinning version of Srixon’s Tour-level balls. The Z-STAR XV is the bomber. It’s higher compression and lower spinning and gamed by long hitters Cameron Champ, Grayson Murray and Ryan Brehm.

What is the best golf ball for a swing speed of 85?

The TaylorMade Tour Response is the best golf ball for those with an 85 mph swing speed. The Tour Response is a 70 compression ball designed to help players get more distance and better feel.

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What is the difference between Q Star and Q Star tour?

The Q-Star is for golfers who demand premium performance in an all-ability golf ball. … The Q-Star Tour is a premium, lower-compression golf ball with a urethane cover designed especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour ball.

WHO should play a Srixon Q Star?

Who It’s For. The Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 golf ball is designed for golfers with driver club heads speeds of 75 mph and faster. With a Srixon compression rating of 72, they are perfect for players who like a softer-feeling ball.

What is the compression of a Pro V1?

The Titleist Pro V1 has a compression of over 100 (our robot golf ball test measured it at 101.8), while the Titleist Pro V1x has a compression of 108.4, making it the firmest golf ball in our entire test. That’s because they’re designed for tour players with swing speeds typically in the range of 110-130mph.

What Ball does Dustin Johnson use?


The TaylorMade TP5X ball is slightly firmer than the TP5 and is perfectly suited to Dustin’s game.

What clubs does Bryson Dechambeau use?

Bryson Dechambeau Irons

Bryson’s four and five irons are high-launching, cavity-backed Cobra Speedzone One Length irons while the rest of his set are Cobra King Forged Tour One Length Irons – built for performance and workability but now superseded by Cobra King Forged Tec One Irons.

What Ball does Justin Thomas use?

He uses a Titleist Pro V1x ball and wears FootJoy shoes too.

What golf ball does Dustin Johnson use?

His ball is a TaylorMade TP5x and he wears head-to-toe adidas apparel.

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What golf ball does Bubba Watson use?

In terms of ball, he uses a yellow Titleist Pro V1x.

What putter did Hideki Matsuyama use?

Hideki Matsuyama used a Scotty Cameron putter and Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball. Hideki Matsuyama uses a Srixon ZX5 driver.

What clubs do Hideki Matsuyama use?

The clubs Hideki Matsuyama used to win the 2021 Zozo Championship:

  • Ball: Srixon Z-Star XV.
  • Driver: Srixon ZX7 (Graphite Design DI8 TX), 9.5 degrees.
  • 3-wood: TaylorMade SIM2, 15 degrees.
  • 5-wood: Cobra Radspeed, 17.5 degrees.
  • Irons (4-9): Srixon Z Forged; (PW): Cleveland RTX 4.

What shoes is Matsuyama wearing?

After some research, I found my premonition true: Matsuyama wore Asics golf shoes — part of a split deal between the footwear giant and golf retailer Srixon. The shoes feature many of Asics’ most beloved technologies to runners, including Gel heel support and a lightweight “Flytefoam” midsole.

What replaced the Srixon AD333?

Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball

Lots of club golfers loved Srixon’s AD333 Tour ball, and this is its replacement, bringing Srixon’s European in line with what’s available in the USA.

Does srixon still make AD333?

The new Srixon AD333 golf ball for 2021 is straighter and longer than ever. … The 2021 Srixon AD333 golf ball has a new alignment aid. The new Srixon AD333 is the tenth generation of the two-piece ball.

Is Srixon AD333 a soft ball?

Srixon AD333 2021 review: What we say

It’s easy to see why the Srixon AD333 has been such a hugely popular golf ball for so long, leading the way for two-piece models in the UK. … For a two-piece ball, it’s actually impressively soft and responsive around greens.

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