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Was Michael Jordan the highest paid player?


Besides his last two seasons with the Bulls in which he made over $30 million each year, Jordan didn’t make more than $4 million per year in any other season. James’ career earnings are much higher than Jordan’s but he still doesn’t hold the title of the highest-paid player ever.

Player Position Salary
————— ——– ———
Scottie Pippen SF 2,775,000
Bill Wennington C 1,800,000
Scott Burrell SF 1,430,000
Randy Brown PG 1,260,000

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How long did Scott Burrell play in the NBA?

Burrell averaged 16 points again his senior year, was drafted in the first round and embarked on an NBA career that lasted eight years.

How old is Scott Burrell?

49 yearsJanuary 12, 1971

How much is Scott Burrell worth?

Scott Burrell net worth: Scott Burrell is an American college basketball coach and former professional basketball player who has a net worth of $4 million.

What was Michael Jordan’s highest salary?

$33.1 million

Who has the highest salary in the NBA?

Steph Curry

What is Dennis Rodman net worth?

However, per Celebrity Net Worth, Dennis Rodman indeed has a net worth of just $500,000 as of 2020.

Was Jordan ever the highest paid player?

Player Salary Team
———– ———– ——————–
Paul George $33,005,556 Los Angeles Clippers

How many years did Scott Burrell play in the NBA?

Southern Connecticut Fighting Owls
NBA draft
Selected by the Charlotte Hornets
Playing career

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How does Dennis Rodman make money?

During his playing days, Rodman was arguably an A list celebrity who earned millions of dollars through endorsement deals and book promotions.

Who has the highest salary in the NBA 2020?

— ——————— ———–
1 Stephen Curry, PG $43,006,362
2 Russell Westbrook, PG $41,358,814
3 Chris Paul, PG $41,358,814
4 John Wall, PG $41,254,920

Was Scott Burrell good?

Scott Burrell was a backup to Scottie Pippen and Jordan, at small forward and shooting guard respectively. … Scott Burrell became the starting small forward by his second season, and showed an impressive all-around game: he averaged 11.7 points, 5.2 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 1.7 steals, and 0.6 blocks.

Where is Scott Burrell now?

Scott Burrell is now a basketball coach. He spent eight years as an assistant at Quinnipiac before being named the coach at Southern Connecticut State, a Division II school, in July of 2015. In five years there, the Owls have a 91-56 record.

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Are Michael Jordan and Scott Burrell friends?

But time has a way of changing people and relationships, and it has done so with Jordan and Burrell, who have become friends. “My relationship with Michael is great,” Burrell said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Tuesday. “I think it’s better now than when we played. … “My relationship with Michael Jordan is great now.

What was Scottie Pippen’s highest salary?

$109 million

Did Pippen make more money than Jordan?

Scottie Pippen, the man who famously signed one of the worst contracts in NBA history, still found a way to take home $20 million more in salary earnings than Michael Jordan, the man who was making ten times more than him in their final two seasons together.

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