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What is Brees playoff record?


Since then there have been a total over 525 NFL playoff games including games from the AFL, but not the AAFC.

Winning starters.

Quarterback Drew Brees
Wins 9
Losses 9
Percent .500
Teams Chargers (0–1) Saints ^ (9–8)

In addition, How bad did the Saints lose?

The Saints saw their 2020 season come to an end at the hands of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. The second-seeded Saints fell at home, 30-20. The loss was the fourth straight year the Saints suffered a painful postseason loss. The Saints have lost their last three playoff games at home.

Furthermore, Who is the greatest quarterback of all time?

1. Tom Brady. It is a no-brainer on Tom Brady takes the top spot on this list as the best quarterback ever. He is the most decorated NFL player of all time — winning seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVPs and three regular season MVPs.

Also, What quarterback has the most playoff appearances? NFL quarterbacks by number of career playoff wins all-time as of February 8, 2021

Characteristic Number of playoff wins
Tom Brady 34
Joe Montana 16
Terry Bradshaw 14
John Elway 14

• 8 févr. 2021

Who is the best playoff quarterback?

Rank Player Rate
1 Bart Starr + 104.8
2 Kurt Warner+ 102.8
3 Matt Ryan 100.8
4 Aaron Rodgers 100.5

Who will replace Drew Brees?

Drew Brees’ retirement opened the door for an offseason competition between Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston to see who will steer Sean Payton’s offense in 2021. Last season when Brees missed four games due to injury, Hill took over as the starting quarterback — as Payton had promised before last season.

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What is the New Orleans Saints logo called?

NEW ORLEANS – The fleur-de-lis is a symbol that is deeply ingrained in Louisiana’s history. Seen in architecture, the state flag and on the helmets of the Saints, it’s everywhere. But while it is now seen as the mark of the state, it was once used to mark slaves.

Did Tampa Bay beat the New Orleans Saints?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are headed to the NFC Championship Game for the first time in 18 years after using four critical takeaways to defeat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, 30-20, in a Divisional Playoff Game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Who is better Brady or Mahomes?

Brady is the all-time NFL leader with 581 TD passes. He ranks second in career passing yards (79,204). He also has a 97.3 career passer rating, which ranks seventh all time. … Mahomes has the highest all-time passer rating in NFL history at 108.7.

Who is better Brady or Montana?

Almost everyone agrees Tom Brady has surpassed Joe Montana as the greatest quarterback of all time. And the reason is obvious: Brady has won seven Super Bowls and Montana won “only” four. And Brady could win more. He’s 44, he’s coming off a Super Bowl victory and he’s on the best team in the NFC.

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Who has the most playoff appearances in NFL history?

The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers have the most playoff appearances in league history with 33 apiece. Green Bay has won 13 league championships, the most in the NFL.

Who has most playoff wins in NFL history?

NFL teams ranked by number of wins in the postseason (at the start of the 2019 NFL season)*

Characteristic Number of wins
New England Patriots 37
Dallas Cowboys 35
Pittsburgh Steelers 35
Green Bay Packers 34

Who has the most playoff points in NBA history?

NBA all-time playoff scoring leaders – total number of points scored as of August 2021

Characteristic Number of points scored
LeBron James* 7,631
Michael Jordan 5,987
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5,762
Kobe Bryant 5,640

Who is the winningest QB in NFL history?


Rank Quarterback Career wins
1 * Tom Brady 230
2 ^ Brett Favre 186
^ Peyton Manning 186
4 Drew Brees 172

Who will be Saints QB next year?

Here are four reasons to believe that Jameis Winston will be the next starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Who will be the next QB for the Saints?

The Saints re-signed quarterback Jameis Winston to a one-year deal during the 2021 offseason. Winston, a former No. 1 overall draft pick by the Bucs out of Florida State, will compete for the starting job.

What does ⚜ mean?

What Does the Fleur-de-lis Mean? The fleur-de-lis, sometimes spelled fleur-de-lys, is a stylized lily or iris commonly used for decoration. In fact, translated from French, fleur-de-lis means “lily flower.” Fleur means “flower,” while lis means “lily.”

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Is fleur-de-lis offensive?

The iconic symbol of our beloved city and our Saints actually has a troubled history, according to some historians. … The good news is that both historians quoted in the WWL-TV story don’t consider the fleur-de-lis nearly as offensive as the Confederate flag. It’s still offensive, but just a little bit, apparently.

Why is the fleur-de-lis offensive?

Tulane history professor Terence Fitzmorris said the fleur de lis has roots in the French revolution and, similar to other symbols, was used as a mark of supremacy. “It was a brutal way of scarring someone and also identifying someone as a particular troublemaker,” Fitzmorris said.

Who is Tampa Bay Buccaneers biggest rival?

Speaking to the media Wednesday, Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans admitted that the Saints are Tampa Bay’s biggest rival, and that players and fans alike have come to love the intense battle between the two teams. “It’s definitely a great rivalry,” Evans said.

Who is favored to win Bucs vs Saints?

William Hill Sportsbook lists New Orleans as a 2.5-point favorite in the latest Buccaneers vs. Saints odds, with the over-under for total points scored set at 52.5, up one from the opener.

Who’s better Buccaneers or Saints?

The Saints lead the overall series, 37–21. The two teams have met in the playoffs once, in the 2020 NFC Divisional Round, which the Buccaneers won, 30–20.

Buccaneers–Saints rivalry.

Regular season series Saints, 37–20
Postseason results Buccaneers, 1–0 January 24, 2021: Buccaneers 30, Saints 20
Largest victory Saints, 41–0 (2012)

What did Brady say to Mahomes?

You’re a legend, man” Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told Brady as the two embraced on the field at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. Mahomes’s sentiment was then echoed by the GOAT himself. “You’re a stud, bro,” Brady said. “Let’s keep in touch.”

Who is the richest NFL quarterback of all time?

The 20 Richest NFL Quarterbacks in History

  1. Roger Staubach – $600 million.
  2. Peyton Manning – $200 million. …
  3. Tom Brady – $180 million. …
  4. John Elway – $145 million. …
  5. Eli Manning – $115 million. …
  6. Brett Favre – $100 million. …
  7. Joe Montana – $80 million. …
  8. Ben Roethlisberger – $70 million. …

Who is the best QB in the NFL?

Check out the top 15 below and read Schofield’s full post for complete analysis.

  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. …
  • Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. …
  • Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. …
  • Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. …
  • Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. …
  • Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys. …
  • Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills.

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