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What is Jim Day’s salary?


Jim Nantz makes $5 million a year from his television work salary. This payment can fluctuate depending on if CBS has any special events like the Super Bowl during a given season.

Also, What is Jesse Winker salary?

Player (32) Pos. Avg. Salary
Michael Lorenzen SP $4,437,500
Luis Castillo SP $4,200,000
Mychal Givens RP $4,050,000
Jesse Winker LF $3,150,000

Considering this, What is Al Michaels salary?

A name synonymous with NFL Football, Al Michaels was the longtime host of Monday Night Football, before moving to his current job as the lead announcer on Sunday Night Football on NBC. In a career that now spans five decades, Michaels earns a yearly salary of $5 million from the network.

What is Nick Senzel salary?

Career Earnings:

Year Basic Salary Sign Bonus
2016 $6,200,000
2019 $447,600
2020 $211,111
2021 $580,500

Hereof, What is Josh VanMeter salary?

Active Players (26) Age Payroll Salary
Josh VanMeter 26 $583,400
Daulton Varsho 24 $570,500
Jacob Faria 27 $570,500
Brett de Geus 23 $570,500

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Who is the highest paid ESPN anchor?

Mike Greenberg: $6.5 Million

Mike Greenberg is best known as the co-host of the famous ESPN Radio show “Mike & Mike” with his co-host Mike Golic. “Mike & Mike” turned Greenberg into one of ESPN’s highest-paid sports reporters. He has also hosted the popular weekday even show “SportsCenter,” usually on Mondays.

Who is the highest paid NFL referee?

Who is the highest-paid NFL referee? Brad Allen and Walter Anderson are the highest-paid NFL referees for the 2020-21 season.

Does Nick Senzel have a girlfriend?

Cincinnati Reds – Congrats to Nick Senzel and his fiancée Emily on their engagement! ‍♂️ ‍♀️ ( nick_senzel / Instagram) | Facebook.

What is Thom Brennaman’s annual income?

Thom Brennaman net worth and salary: Thom Brennaman is an American sportscaster who has a net worth of $3 million. His annual salary at the peak of his career was $700,000.

What is Barkley salary?

He’s won three Sports Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Studio Analyst” for his work on the program. His TNT salary is reportedly $6 million per year. The NBA analyst married Maureen Blumhardt in 1989, and the couple share a daughter, Christiana Barkley.

Who is the highest paid female sportscaster?

One of the top-earning female sportscasters is Samantha Ponder for ESPN who earns $4.9 million a year. She hosts the very popular Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN, the first woman ever to do so.

What is Mike Golic Jr salary at ESPN?

Mike Golic Jr Salary

He is a sports host at ESPN, and therefore he earns a decent salary. His average salary is $77,435 per year.

How much does a waterboy make in the NFL?

On average, NFL waterboys make $53,000 per year (according to Stack.com).

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What is the salary of a NFL referee?

Referees and officials in the NFL aren’t working a full-time job, but rather what amounts to a weekly side hustle. According to Money.com, an NFL officials average salary rose to about $201,000 in 2019, which likely has grown ever so slightly over the past year-plus.

How much does an NFL cheerleader make?

According to various publications, the common rate of pay for NFL cheerleaders is $150 each game day and $50-75 per public appearance. So for the average cheerleader their pay directly relates to how many appearances they make.

How old is Marty Brennamans wife?

Amanda Brennaman’s current age is 48 years old. She was born on July 28, 1972. She shares the same birthday with her husband, he was born on July 28, 1942, who is currently 78 years old.

Does Shaq own five guys?

Another former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal is said to own 155 Five Guys burger restaurants. … In March 2019 O’Neal joined the board of directors of Papa John’s, a deal that saw him invest in nine Papa John’s stores in Atlanta and also become the face of endorsements.

Is Shaq a billionaire?

As of 2021, Shaquille O’Neal is worth $400 million. Celebrity Net Worth confirms that the superstar athlete-turned-sportscaster brings in a $60 million salary each year between his residuals, his various endorsement deals, and his NBA commentator gigs.

Who is the richest sportscaster?

Jim Rome has the highest net worth of all TV and radio sports commentators. The host of CBS sports radio’s “The Jim Rome Show” has accumulated around 75 million U.S. dollars in his years of commentating.

What is Scott Van Pelt salary?

Scott Van Pelt net worth and salary: Scott Van Pelt is an American sportscaster who has a net worth of $20 million.

Scott Van Pelt Net Worth.

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Net Worth: $20 Million
Salary: $4 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 4, 1970 (51 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 5 in (1.98 m)

Will get up get Cancelled?

Get Up! Get Up! is an American sports talk morning television program hosted by Mike Greenberg that airs weekdays on ESPN. Golic’s contract with ESPN expired at the end of 2020. …

How did Golic lose weight?

Even at 6 feet, 5 inches tall, the realization that he was 45 pounds over his NFL weight of 265 stopped him in his tracks. He thought about this family and decided to change. … Golic lost 51 pounds on the NutriSystem for Men plan, a calorie and portion-controlled diet that delivers ready-to-eat meals to your home.

What does a waterboy do in the NFL?

The job description is pretty straightforward. Waterboys make sure players are hydrated. They provide towels and anything else players and coaches may need all while trying not to get in the way of the action.

How much does a Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader make?

Since Wilkins’ dispute, she said the Cowboys have increased cheerleader pay from $8 an hour to $12 and their game-day pay doubled from $200 to $400. “It’s scary to speak out about this, especially by myself.

What is the lowest paid position in the NFL?

The actual lowest paid position changes slightly each year as contracts change, but these three are always the among the lowest: fullback, tight end and long snapper. The current position earning the least pay is the fullback, with a median income of $616,000.

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