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What NBA teams no longer exist?


The Packers, Red Skins, and Waterloo Hawks left the NBA for the National Professional Basketball League, and are the only defunct teams to have ceased to exist in a league other than the NBA.

Also, Who was the best player on the Seattle SuperSonics?

So, here are the five greatest players to ever play for the Supersonics/Thunder:

  1. Gary Payton.
  2. Kevin Durant. …
  3. Russell Westbrook. …
  4. Shawn Kemp. Shawn Kemp should be so much higher on this list. …
  5. Jack Sikma. He may not be a household name, but Jack Sikma was a terrific big man in his day. …

Similarly, What is the oldest NBA team?

The Sacramento Kings trace their history back to 1923 when they were a semi-professional team called the Rochester Seagrams. Since then, the Kings have been around in some form, making the Sacramento Kings the oldest continuously operating team in the NBA.

and What is the newest NBA team? The New Orleans Pelicans were established in 2002. The Charlotte Hornets rejoined the league in 2004, and were known as the Bobcats from 2004 to 2014.


Team Oklahoma City Thunder
Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Founded 1967
Joined 1967
Relocated 1

Did MJ win with the Wizards?
Jordan won his first NBA championship with the Bulls in 1991, and followed that achievement with titles in 1992 and 1993, securing a “three-peat”.

Michael Jordan.

Charlotte Hornets
1984–1993, 1995–1998 Chicago Bulls
2001–2003 Washington Wizards
Career highlights and awards

Who is the greatest thunder of all time?

  • Tom Chambers. 20.4 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 82.6 FT pct, No. 7 ppg in team history.
  • Spencer Haywood. 24.9 ppg, 12.1 rpg, 81.3 FT pct. Franchise rpg leader, No. …
  • Shawn Kemp. 16.2 ppg, 9.6 rpg, 52.1 FG pct. …
  • Sam Perkins. 11.1 ppg, 80.0 FT pct, 38.2 3-pt FG pct, No. …
  • Detlef Schrempf. 16.6 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 4.0 apg, two-time All-Star.
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Who is the greatest Thunder player of all time?

Durant is already considered one of the greatest players in NBA history and still has much of his career ahead of him. This is a list of the best Seattle SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder of all time.

Who is the best Miami Heat player of all time?

Dwyane Wade is the most successful player in Heat history. His achievements include Finals Most Valuable Player Award in 2006, All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award in 2010, 11 consecutive All-Star Game selections and eight All-NBA Teams selections.

What is the maximum age to play in the NBA?

The NBA draft is a major annual event in which the 30 franchises in the National Basketball Association select new players for their teams. Eligibility rules for prospective players have changed several times during the history of the league. No player may sign with the NBA until they are 18 years or older.

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Will Pittsburgh get an NBA team?

Originally Answered: Will Pittsburgh Pennsylvania ever get an NBA team one day? not likely. our city is not as populous as Philly or the major markets. NBA is played during Hockey and Football which has priority in the hearts of fans around here.

How many players are in the NBA 2020?

So, between all of the movement and the increase of available roster spots during the playoffs (that number increases from 15 to 20), we end up with 529. The current 2020-21 season doesn’t end until later this summer—but the total number of players this season increased by nine players.

Will Austin get an NBA team?

No, for several reasons: The NBA already has three Texas teams in the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs. Austin already has a popular college basketball team in the University of Texas. Many players have gone from there to the NBA, with the most famous being Kevin Durant .

Why was MJ number 23?

Jordan took up the number 23 jersey from an early age dating back to his time at Laney High School. His older brother Larry was already on the team with the number 45, so Jordan simply halved the number to reach 23 – with the help of a little rounding up.

How good was Michael Jordan on the Wizards?

But a knee injury that required surgery effectively ended his season early. Playing in 60 games, Jordan averaged 22.9 points, 5.7 rebounds, 5.2 assists and 1.4 steals per game, playing 35 minutes a night. MJ led the Wizards in scoring and made the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

Did Michael Jordan make the playoffs with the Washington Wizards?

Jordan’s stint with the Wizards was closely watched by both fans and the media. While the team failed to qualify for the playoffs in either of Jordan’s two seasons as a player, the team was competitive and sold-out arenas around the league.

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Who is the best Timberwolves player?

2 jersey will forever hang in the rafters and in the hearts of all Timberwolves fans.

  • Christian Laettner. 15 of 26. …
  • Stephon Marbury. 16 of 26. …
  • Isaiah Rider. 17 of 26. …
  • Wally Szczerbiak. 18 of 26. …
  • Tom Gugliotta. 19 of 26. …
  • Tony Campbell. 20 of 26. …
  • Terrell Brandon. 21 of 26. …
  • Pooh Richardson. 22 of 26. David Sherman/Getty Images.

Who is the best Atlanta Hawks player?

Doc Rivers, Tree Rollins and Spud Webb are other players who are considered some of the best Hawks ever and some of the best players of all time. More recently, Joe Johnson, Al Horford and Josh Smith are all star players who have led the Hawks and are some of the best players of the past decade.

What was Shawn Kemp’s nickname?

After Kemp’s second NBA season, he picked up the nickname “Reign Man” after the SuperSonics’ announcer Kevin Calabro saw a poster with the name and thought it fitting to add to his radio broadcasts.

Who is best Nugget player?

  • Nikola Jokic.
  • Carmelo Anthony.
  • Alex English.
  • Dikembe Mutombo.
  • Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

Is 23 retired in the NBA?

As a way to honor key contributors including players, coaches, fans, broadcasters and announcers, National Basketball Association (NBA) teams often retire their jersey numbers, win totals or microphones.


No. 23
Name Michael Jordan
Team Chicago Bulls
Pos. G
Years with franchise 1984–1993 1995–1998

Who is number 11 on Miami Heat?


Andre Iguodala # 28 SF 215 lbs
KZ Okpala # 11 PF 215 lbs
Duncan Robinson # 55 SF 215 lbs
Max Strus # 31 SF 215 lbs

How old is the Miami Heat?

The franchise began play in the 1988–89 season as an expansion team. After a period of mediocrity, the Heat gained relevance during the 1990s following the appointment of former head coach Pat Riley as team president.

What age did Shaq retire?

Shaquille O’Neal Retires at Age 39

Seasons 19
Games 1,207
Points 28,596
Rebounds 13,099
Assists 3,026

At what age do football players retire?

Players normally sign their first professional contract at seventeen and the average length of a football career is eight years. The average retirement age of a football player is 35-years-old.

Can a 25 year old play college basketball?

There is no age restriction, so long as you have eligibility left. If you’ve never played before, you should have four years of eligibility left.

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