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What number was Kobe in 2008?



No. Player
24 Kobe Bryant us
17 Andrew Bynum us
5 Jordan Farmar us
2 Derek Fisher us

In addition, How old was Kobe in 2009?

Interpreted as:

Kobe Bryant 2000-01 22
Kobe Bryant 2001-02 23
Kobe Bryant 2008-09 30
Kobe Bryant 2009-10 31

Furthermore, Did Kobe Bryant moonwalk?

Kobe does the moonwalk and dances during a free throw

The fact that he danced before the final two free throws of his career give this dance an added edge.

Also, What is Kobe Bryant’s logo? “Kobe’s logo, which you will hear more about in the coming years, is called the Sheath. It is drawn to resemble the sheath of a samurai’s sword. The sword is the raw talent, Kobe explains. The sheath is the package it’s kept in — everything you go through, your calluses and your baggage, what you learn.”

What is Kobe Bryant’s net worth?
Kobe Bryant died January 26, 2020 at age 41 in a helicopter crash, along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and 7 other passengers. His net worth at the time of his death was an estimated $600 million.

Did Kobe really jump over Aston Martin?

Kobe Bryant’s famous video from 2008, a commercial for Nike’s Hyperdunk, appeared to show him jumping over a speeding Aston Martin — only it never happened. Bryant’s commercial was all special effects, which the Lakers guard acknowledged as soon as the video made its splash.

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Who was a better shooter Kobe or Jordan?

Kobe Bryant is a little more gifted athletically than Michael Jordan was. Kobe is a much better pure shooter. Kobe has risen into Michael’s rare air when it comes to making great late shots. Kobe is a little taller, and just as quick and strong.

Why does Kobe not pass the ball?

Kobe Bryant Explains Why He Didn’t Want To Pass The Ball To His Teammates: “I Don’t Respect Their Work Ethic. … Kobe demanded 110% effort from his teammates because that’s what he put on every single day. Needless to say, he was a tough guy to impress and once you disappointed him, there wasn’t going back.

What was Kobe’s tattoo?

The tattoo depicts a king’s crown with large butterfly wings on top of it. Underneath it is the name “Vanessa,” along with a pair of angel wings. Kobe Bryant publicly pledged his love for his wife shortly after the assault charges were levied against him.

Who is the NBA logo and why?

The silhouette was modelled off the dribbling technique of hall of famer Jerry West, who became “The Logo” while he was still playing. The 14-year veteran played in the All Star Game every season in the NBA and made 12 end-of-season All NBA teams.

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Who has the best fadeaway in the NBA?

Only a handful of great NBA players have been successful shooting fadeaways. Wilt Chamberlain was a famous pioneer of the fadeaway. Michael Jordan is regarded as the most popular shooter of the fadeaway. Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki are also well known for using this move.

How Rich Is Charles Barkley?

Charles Barkley Net Worth 2021

Charles Barkley’s net worth is estimated at $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Sir Charles is one of the greatest players in NBA history.

What is Shaq’s net worth?

As of 2021, Shaquille O’Neal is worth $400 million. Celebrity Net Worth confirms that the superstar athlete-turned-sportscaster brings in a $60 million salary each year between his residuals, his various endorsement deals, and his NBA commentator gigs.

How did Kobe become a Laker?

1996 NBA DRAFT. Bryant fell to the 13th overall pick, where the Charlotte Hornets drafted him before dealing him to the Lakers in exchange for center Vlade Divac, a move that is now considered a stroke of genius by former Lakers general manager Jerry West.

Who jumped over an Aston Martin in ads for Nike’s Hyperdunk basketball shoes?

Kobe Bryant jumps over a car

In an old video, Kobe Bryant pulled off a ridiculous jaw-dropping stunt. As the video begins, Kobe holds up his newest signature shoe – the Nike Hyperdunks. Bryant then laces up his sneakers.

Is it possible to jump over a moving car?

When you jump from a moving car, you want to be sure that you won’t be run over by it. So jump backwards and away from the car. Try to propel yourself at a 45-degree angle from the rear of the vehicle. Jump far to avoid the car and make sure your head is pointed further behind the car than your feet.

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Is the Kobe car video real?

It’s shocking, unexpected, cool, and completely 100% unadulteratedly fake. Plus, if this really were just an amatuer video with Kobe and a couple of his buddies, the camera would have been handheld. The fact that this is filmed from a straight-on angle and the camera is locked off reaks of post-production.

Who worked harder Kobe or Jordan?

“I don’t like to compare, because to me they were so different and unique that it’s an injustice to both,” Grover writes. But one thing he will say: “Kobe worked harder. MJ worked smarter.”

Was Kobe more skilled than Jordan?

Kobe Bryant was more skilled than Michael Jordan, according to Kerry Kittles. … “Kobe was more skilled than Jordan, but Jordan was more effective than Kobe. Jordan was a little more predictable. With Kobe, you didn’t know what he was going to do because he didn’t know what he was going to do.”

Who was better LeBron or Kobe?

The Bottom Line: While LeBron is much more of a team player than Kobe was, and is more dominant and holds better stats, Kobe was a more versatile and complete player, a virtuoso with amazing skills and defense abilities.

Did Kobe have a Vanessa tattoo?

This isn’t Vanessa’s first tat tribute to her family. Back in June, she shared on Instagram that she got Gigi’s handwriting and a message from husband Kobe Bryant permanently inked on her body. Kobe and Gianna passed away in a helicopter crash in January 2020. The family’s tattoos are a life-long ode to their memory.

Who was Kobe Bryant’s tattoo artist?

A famous American tattoo artist from whom Vanessa Bryant and her 18-year-old daughter Natalia got inked this week. This week, Vanessa Bryant shared the new tattoos she got done to honour late NBA legend Kobe Bryant and their 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

When did Kobe get his tattoos?

Kobe Bryant tattoos: Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant

Bryant got the tattoos made in 2003, when he was accused of rape charges.

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