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What year did Oscar Robertson retire?


Robertson was traded in 1970 to the Milwaukee Bucks, where he teamed with Lew Alcindor (later known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) and won the NBA title that season. Robertson retired from the NBA in 1974 with 26,710 career points (25.7 per game), 7,804 rebounds (7.5 average), and 9,887 assists (an NBA record at the time).

In addition, Is Oscar Robertson in the Hall of Fame?

All NBA 11 of 14 seasons… 3-time MVP of all-star game… only NBA player ever to average a “triple-double” for an entire season. Inducted into Naismith Hall of Fame in 1980.

Furthermore, Who has the most triple doubles in NBA history?

Players with the most triple doubles in the NBA all-time as of July 2021

Characteristic Number of triple doubles
Russell Westbrook 184
Oscar Robertson 181
Magic Johnson 138
Jason Kidd 107

Also, Was Oscar Robertson good defense? Won Defensive Player of the Year. Won the Slam Dunk Contest. Won All-Star Game MVP. Scored 35 points per game with 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 3.2 steals, and 1.6 blocks per game, all while shooting a whopping 53 percent from the field.

Was Oscar Robertson a good shooter?
Robertson: 25.7 points, 9.5 assists and 7.5 rebounds a game for his career to Westbrook’s 23.2, 8.5 and 7.4. … Until I did some homework, I had forgotten that Robertson was the most accurate shooter of his era. He wasn’t just ahead of his time; he was generations ahead of it.

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How many triple-doubles does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan got 28 triple-doubles in his career.

Has any NBA player had a quintuple double?

Wilt Chamberlain, on March 18th, 1968, completed the only quintuple-double in NBA history. … Pollack recorded that Wilt finished the game with 53 Points, 32 Rebounds, 14 Assists, 24 Blocks, And 11 Steals.

Who has the most triple-doubles in 2021?

Westbrook is 1st in all-time triple-doubles as he surpassed Oscar Robertson’s 181 this season itself. Russell Westbrook now has two consecutive triple-doubles in four games played in the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Is Westbrook better than Oscar Robertson?

Out of respect for Westbrook’s raw athleticism and ability to rack up triple-doubles in extraordinary fashion, he gets the edge over Oscar in impact. Oscar was a better leader and a greater clutch performer, but Westbrook impacts a game with his rebounding and assists better than any point guard ever.

Is Russell Westbrook better than Oscar?

By The Numbers: Russell Westbrook surpasses Oscar Robertson’s NBA record with 182nd career triple-double. … By recording a 28-point, 21- assist, 13-rebound triple-double in the narrow 125-124 loss against the Hawks in Atlanta, he surpasses Oscar Robertson’s NBA record of 181 career triple-doubles.

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Did Oscar Robertson average a triple-double for his career?

In the end, he finished the 125-124 loss to the Hawks with a team-high 28 points, 21 assists and 13 rebounds, that gave him his 182nd career triple-double, passing Robertson’s decades-long NBA record of 181.

Is Drazen Petrovic the best shooter?

Drazen Petrovic

He was a monster from behind the arc who was in his career in the league consistently among the top three in terms of top percentage. … He ranked twice in total threes made and attempted, and he shot 84.1 percent from the line. He was just that great of a shooter.

What was Rick Barry’s career free throw percentage?

At the time of his retirement, Barry was the most accurate free-throw shooter in NBA history, having hit 90.0 percent of his free-throw attempts.

Who has the most 30 point triple doubles?

Magic Johnson has the most NBA career postseason triple-doubles with 30, and is also third in regular season triple-doubles with 138.


Rank 1
Name Russell Westbrook
Total 42
Team Oklahoma City Thunder
NBA season 2016–17

Has anyone had a triple double with blocks?

Capela was the first player since Anthony Davis (2018) to record a triple-double with blocks and the first Hawks player to accomplish the feat since Mutumbo in 2000. He is the 33rd player in NBA history to record a triple-double with blocks.

Did wilt have a quintuple double?

Wilt Chamberlain’s Quintuple Double (53 points, 32 rebounds, 14 assists, 24 blocks, and 11 steals)

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Has there ever been a 20 20 20 game?

This is the only 20-20-20 that is officially recorded by Wilt Chamberlain. One of the craziest stat lines of Wilt Chamberlain was a quintuple-double because he had five double-digit stats. This man was unbelievable back in the time.

Who was the closest to a quintuple-double?

David Robinson was the closest. He was 8 steals away from a quintuple double.

Did Wilt get a quintuple-double?

Wilt Chamberlain’s Quintuple Double (53 points, 32 rebounds, 14 assists, 24 blocks, and 11 steals)

How many triple doubles does Oscar Robertson have?

ATLANTA (AP) — Oscar Robertson’s NBA record of 181 triple-doubles had stood since 1974 and was once thought to be untouchable — until Russell Westbrook surpassing it became inevitable.

Can Russell Westbrook average a triple double for his career?


Westbrook has recorded a triple-double in 182 of his 940 career games – or 19.3% of the time he takes the court. That rate tops Robertson’s 17.4% rate, Magic Johnson’s 15.2% rate and every other player in the top 15 of the NBA’s all-time triple-double list.

Does Westbrook pass Robertson?

Russell Westbrook rewrote the NBA record book once again on Monday night as he passed Oscar Robertson for the career triple-double record.

Who was the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double?

Prior to Westbrook’s run, Oscar Robertson was the only player in league history to accomplish that feat over a full season. He did so only once. Westbrook now has 80 percent of seasons in NBA history in which a player averaged a triple-double. But he accomplished yet another impressive feat this season.

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