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What’s the whitest last name?


name rank White percent
————- —— ——————–
name SMITH rank 1 White percent 70.90%
name JOHNSON rank 2 White percent 58.97%
name WILLIAMS rank 3 White percent 45.75%
name BROWN rank 4 White percent 57.95%

Surname Rank*
——— —–
Zimmerman 1
Ziegler 2
Zimmer 3
Zeigler 4

What is the blackest last name?

The story of how Washington became the “blackest name” begins with slavery and takes a sharp turn after the Civil War, when all blacks were allowed the dignity of a surname. Even before Emancipation, many enslaved black people chose their own surnames to establish their identities.

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What are some Z names?

Zachary Zayden
——— ——
Zion Zane
Zander Zayn
Zayne Zaiden
Zachariah Zeke

Is Jones a black last name?

The 2000 United States census provides a frequency of 0.50%, providing an overall rank of fifth most frequent with 57.7% White, 37.7% Black, 1.4% Hispanic, 0.9% Native American. Jones was the fourth most common surname in the 1990 U.S. Census, behind only Smith, Johnson and Williams.

What is the most common black last name?

name rank Black percent
————- —— ——————–
name SMITH rank 1 Black percent 23.11%
name JOHNSON rank 2 Black percent 34.63%
name WILLIAMS rank 3 Black percent 47.68%
name BROWN rank 4 Black percent 35.60%

What are some crazy names?

– Tesla (130 girls, 11 boys)
– Fanta (24 girls)
– Beretta (21 girls)
– Maybelline (20 girls)
– Evian (10 boys)
– Halo (149 girls, 25 boys)
– Om (96 boys)
– Amen (75 boys, 55 girls)

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What nationality is last name white?

Scottish surnames. Surnames of Scottish origin. Surnames of Irish origin. Anglicised Scottish Gaelic-language surnames.

Is Davis a black last name?

In the United States, the Davis surname is the 8th most common name. They are a racially diverse group, being 62.2% white, 31.6% black, and 6.2% other according to the 2010 US census. The Davies surname is the 1031st most common surname, and is much less racially diverse, being 91.34 % white.

What are some cool last names?

– Adler: This German surname, meaning ‘eagle’ is high up on the list of surnames used as first names. …
– Anderson: If we go by the records, Anderson is now used more as a first name than the surname. …
– Beckett: We love the sound of this surname. …
– Brady: …
– Carson: …
– Carter: …
– Channing: …
– Cohen:

Is Black an Irish surname?

Black is a surname which can be of either English, Scottish, Irish or French origin. In the cases of non-English origin, the surname is likely to be an Anglicisation.

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What are some unusual last names?

– Sallow.
– Fernsby.
– Villin (Villan)
– Miracle.
– Dankworth.
– Relish.
– MacQuoid.
– Loughty.

What clan does Davis belong to?

Davis is a popular Welsh surname. The name origin can be traced to the Davidson Clan in Scotland. The Scottish Davis family was a sept of the larger and powerful Davidson Clan. Today the Davis name is among the most numerous in England and Wales.

What are the most hated names?

– Madison (“it just seemed to grate on people,” said Wattenberg)
– Mackenzie.
– McKenna.
– Addison (Wattenberg said this is an example of the #1 most-cited loathing category: “boys’ names used for girls.”)
– Gertrude.
– Kaitlyn.
– Makayla.
– Bertha.

What are some weird names?

– Moon Unit. This was the suitably weird choice of the avant-garde late rock star Frank Zappa for his oldest daughter. …
– Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116. It’s pronounced ‘Albin’ apparently. …
– Kingmessiah. This was named the worst boy’s name of 2019 by one parenting site. …
– Darth. …
– Xxayvier.

What is the most rare name?

– Alabama.
– Arantxa — This Basque name was given to 46 baby girls in 2014.
– Atlas.
– Bentlee.
– Chichi.
– Diem.
– Drishti.
– Esma.

What is the most common last name in Ireland?


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