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Where do the Philadelphia Phillies play?


The home of the Philadelphia Phillies since April 2004, Citizens Bank Park is a 43,500-seat stadium with lush natural grass and a view of the Philadelphia skyline.

Simply so, What time does the Phillies box office open?

Sales representatives are working remotely and thus operating hours for both 215-463-1000 and 215-463-5000 phone lines will continue to be Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. until further notice.

Similarly, Where should you stay in Philadelphia?

Best areas to stay in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  1. Old City, one of the best places to stay in Philadelphia. …
  2. Center City, the best hotels in downtown Philadelphia. …
  3. Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a great area to stay in Philly. …
  4. Rittenhouse Square, luxury hotels in Philadelphia. …
  5. South Philly, cheap accommodation in Philadelphia.

How old are the Philadelphia Phillies?

No one could have realized it at the time, but when the Phillies were formed in 1883, history was in the making. Now, in the 21st century, the Phillies are the oldest, continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in all of professional sports.

Furthermore, Is Philadelphia a hitters park?
Citizens Bank Ballpark (Philadelphia Phillies)

Only three other parks in baseball—Coors Field, Great American Ballpark and Miller Park—have been as friendly to power hitters as the bandbox known as Citizens Bank Ballpark.

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Is Phillies parking cash only?

Pre-paid parking customers should use their pre-paid parking pass to gain entry to a parking lot. These lots will also accommodate customers who pay with cash.

Where is the best place to sit at a baseball game?

THE RESULTS: The best place to sit at a Baseball game is…

According to Sports Where I Am users, the best place to sit in baseball venues across the USA is along the third base line. This is followed by sitting behind the home plate area or along the first base line.

Do you have to wear a mask at Phillies games?

Keep the mask handy, however, for indoor spaces at the ballpark. “The Phillies are reimplementing indoor mask mandates, regardless of vaccination status, effective Thursday, August 12, 2021,” the team said in a statement.

Where should I not go in Philadelphia?

The most dangerous areas of Philadelphia you should avoid include:

  • Tioga-Nicetown.
  • Alleghany West.
  • North Central Philadelphia.
  • Strawberry Mansion.
  • Harrowgate.

What is the most dangerous area in Philadelphia?

Here are the five most dangerous areas in Philadelphia, according to the research from areavibes.

  • #1 Tioga-Nicetown, Philadelphia, PA Crime.
  • #2 Alleghany West, Philadelphia, PA Crime.
  • #3 North Central, Philadelphia, PA Crime.
  • #4 Strawberry Mansion, Philadelphia, PA Crime.
  • #5 Harrowgate, Philadelphia, PA Crime.

What parts of Philadelphia should I avoid?

Some of the major crime areas in Philadelphia are Hunting Park, Elmwood, Fairhill and Strawberry Mansion.

Who is the oldest MLB team?

In 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became America’s first professional baseball club.

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What does Philly mean?

as a girls’ name (also used as boys’ name Philly) is of Greek derivation, and the meaning of Philly is “horse lover”. Philly is a variant form of Philippa (Greek).

What is Phillies short for?

Nickname. Phillies – Founded in 1883 as the Quakers, the franchise changed its nickname to the Philadelphias, which soon became Phillies. “Phillies” or “Phils” is a short form of “Philadelphias”, in the style of the 19th Century, when a city would be referred to by writers that way (“Bostons,” “Chicagos,” etc.)

What is the hardest park to hit a homerun in?

That is: Miami, for example, was the toughest park to hit home runs from 2018-20. It’s not because the Marlins hit the fewest homers in that span. It’s because over those three years, there were 353 homers hit in Marlins games in Miami, and 491 homers hit in Marlins games away from Miami.

Who has the deepest centerfield in MLB?

PNC Park (Pirates)

That pocket is the deepest part of the park at 410 feet, 11 feet farther than dead center.

What ballpark gives up the most home runs?

Great American Ballpark consistently leads the National League in the amount of home runs it gives up. It gives up more home runs to right handed hitters than any other Major League ballpark. In 2015, Great American Ballpark gave up 183 home runs total and 2.26 home runs per game.

Can you bring food into a Phillies game?

If you do bring food, it’s business as usual: No cans, glass bottles, or alcoholic beverages, and anything that you bring in a plastic container — like water, juice, or soda — needs to be factory sealed. And while backpacks and bags aren’t allowed generally, you can tote your hoagie in a plastic bag, no worries.

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Can I bring a bag into the Phillies game?

The stadium’s website states: “In an effort to expedite entry, guests are prohibited from bringing bags to the ballpark. Only purses, medical bags and diaper bags will be permitted into Citizens Bank Park. Backpacks are no longer permitted.

What is a Power ticket for the Phillies?

PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM The Phillies Power Ticket allows fans to purchase food and novelties at any of Citizens Bank Park’s 200 points of sale. A potentially more lucrative approach for teams is the value-added ticket.

Does it matter where you sit at a baseball game?

If you’re looking for the best place to sit to catch a foul ball at an MLB game, we’d suggest sitting along either of the first or third base lines beyond where the protective netting extends, as this is where plenty of slices foul balls are hit into the stands, where fans are able to make a play on them, but just be …

Is sitting behind home plate good?

Behind home plate, about 7 rows up and a bit to the right. You get a very good view of the break on a pitch. I’ve had the good fortune to sit in this area several times. Bonus, at least at Angel Stadium, is the opposing team’s scouts sit around there.

Where do foul balls usually go?

The study confirmed several factors that most readers probably assume. One is that right-handed batters foul more balls into the lower stands on the first base side, whereas left-handed batters foul more often to the third base side.

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