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Who had the best defense in the NFL in 2010?


Team Defense

Rk Tm Yds
1 Pittsburgh Steelers 4429
2 Green Bay Packers 4945
3 Baltimore Ravens 5102

Also to know is Who has the best defense in the NFL 2020?

Team Defense

Rk Tm Yds
1 Los Angeles Rams 4511
2 Baltimore Ravens 5276
3 Pittsburgh Steelers 4893

Considering this, Who was the best NFL team in 2010?

2010 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers’ eighth Super Bowl team brought another defense-powered squad. Troy Polamalu (seven INTs) and James Harrison (six forced fumbles) were again All-Pros, and Pittsburgh carried the NFL’s No. 1 defense.

Keeping this in consideration Who had the best defense in 2013? Team Defense

Rk Tm Yds
1 Seattle Seahawks 4378
2 Carolina Panthers 4820
3 San Francisco 49ers 5071

What was the Saints defense ranked in 2009?

The case for 2009

Although the defense ranked 25th in the NFL in yards allowed and 20th in points allowed, the Saints became legendary for their ability to force turnovers in their first year under aggressive defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

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What was the Packers defense ranked in 2020?

Team Stats and Rankings

Player PF Yds
Opp. Stats 369 1805
Lg Rank Offense 1 8
Lg Rank Defense 13 13

Who is the Number 1 team in the NFL?

Rk Teams Chg
1 Buccaneers
They have the look of a repeat champion with Tom Brady and gang all back. But we know how tough it is to repeat in the modern NFL.
2 Chiefs
As long as Patrick Mahomes is slinging it — and staying upright — they are the team to beat in the AFC. They do need to generate more pressure on defense.

• 6 mai 2021

Who is the #1 team in the NFL?


1 Cowboys 19
2 Giants 7
3 Eagles 16
4 Football Team 13

Who is the winningest NFL team?

The Dallas Cowboys have the highest all-time winning percentage during the regular season of the National Football League. The franchise has an impressive win percentage of 57.3 percent.

Who won the Super Bowl in 2010?

02/07/2010 Drew Brees led the New Orleans Saints to a 31-17 Super Bowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

What was the Patriots defense ranked in 2011?

2011 Final Stats: Patriots Defense Ranks 31st in the NFL.

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Who had the best defense in the NFL in 2009?

Team Defense

Rk Tm Yds
1 New York Jets 4037
2 Dallas Cowboys 5054
3 Baltimore Ravens 4808

Who did the Saints lose to in 2009?

2009 New Orleans Saints season
Record 13–3
Division place 1st NFC South
Playoff finish Won Divisional Playoffs (vs. Cardinals) 45–14 Won NFC Championship (vs. Vikings) 31–28 (OT) Won Super Bowl XLIV (vs. Colts ) 31–17

What was the Giants defense ranked in 2011?

23: New York Giants. Overall defense rank in 2011: No. 27.

What NFL team has the best offensive line?

NFL Offensive Line Rankings 2021

  1. Cleveland Browns. …
  2. New England Patriots. …
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. …
  4. Kansas City Chiefs. …
  5. Indianapolis Colts. …
  6. New Orleans Saints. …
  7. San Francisco 49ers. …
  8. Detroit Lions.

How many times has Green Bay had a top 10 defense?

The Packers’ pass defense has been a top-10 unit only twice in the last 10 years.

Do the Packers have a good defense?

After 12 weeks, the Packers ranked 13th in total defense, 13th in rushing defense and 15th in passing defense. Green Bay was also allowing a whopping 25.7 points per game. In the Packers’ final five games, though, they allowed just 17.2 points per game and held four of five foes to 16 points, or fewer.

Who is the best QB in the NFL?

Check out the top 15 below and read Schofield’s full post for complete analysis.

  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs. …
  • Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers. …
  • Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. …
  • Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans. …
  • Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks. …
  • Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys. …
  • Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills.
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Who has worst record in NFL?

The league’s other still-active charter member, the Arizona Cardinals have recorded the most regular season losses (771), through the end of the 2020 season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers maintain the lowest regular season win–loss percentage (.393), holding a 278–429–1 record, through 2020.

Which NFL team is undefeated?

Apart from the 1972 Dolphins, three NFL teams have completed undefeated and untied regular seasons: the 1934 Chicago Bears, the 1942 Chicago Bears, and the 2007 New England Patriots.

Who is the most winningest QB in NFL history?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has accumulated the most wins in NFL history, amassing 263 total victories in the regular season and postseason combined.

What teams have never won a Superbowl?

Ranking 12 teams that never won a Super Bowl by best chance to win title in 2021: High hopes in Buffalo

  • Houston Texans.
  • Detroit Lions.
  • Carolina Panthers.
  • Atlanta Falcons.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • Los Angeles Chargers.
  • Minnesota Vikings.
  • Arizona Cardinals.

What NFL team has the best record 2020?

While there haven’t been convincing wins down the stretch this is the best team in football.

  • Green Bay Packers. 2020 Record: 12-3 / Previous Week’s Rank: 3. …
  • Buffalo Bills. …
  • Pittsburgh Steelers. …
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers. …
  • Seattle Seahawks. …
  • Indianapolis Colts. …
  • Los Angeles Rams. …
  • Tennessee Titans.

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