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Who is faster Reverse Flash or Godspeed?


In the comics, Godspeed was said to be the fastest speedster that has ever lived. Godspeed was faster than Savitar, Zoom, Flash or Black Flash or any other speedster.

Also to know is Can Reverse Flash kill Superman?

Or if they didn’t want to go through the trouble, a Speedster could simply go back in time and kill Superman with ease when he was a child or infant. Reverse Flash takes this if the intent is to permanently get rid of Superman by any means at his disposal. Reverse-Flash is basically a faster Barry Allen with no morals.

Considering this, Is Godspeed Barry Allen?

Godspeed Born August Heart also known as Detective August Heart is a Metahuman Speedsters and The Former Detective Partner of Barry Allen. August was the only witness to Barry’s accident, that turned him into The Flash.

Keeping this in consideration Is Godspeed faster than Barry Allen? 1 Kept: Faster Than The Flash

In the comics, Godspeed is a few notches faster than Barry Allen as shown in the above photo where he struggled to keep up with him.

Is Eobard Thawne faster than Barry Allen?

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) was initially much “faster” than Flash. I say “faster” in quotes because Thawne actually does not have super speed in the New 52, rather he slows down time instead, giving the illusion of super speed to others. Since he slows time he was much faster than Barry could ever be, while running.

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Who is the fastest evil speedster?

While Eobard Thawne is the fastest villain Flash has ever faced, Black Flash is the fastest speedster of all-time. This being is Death for anyone who possesses the power of the Speed Force. When he shows up, someone is about to die, as we’ve seen in the cases of Barry Allen, Johnny Quick and Bart Allen.

Can Flash kill Superman?

Yes. The Flash would phase through his skin and grab Superman’s heart. Or the Flash can drop some kryptonite inside him. Superman organs should be vulnerable to attacks.

Can Black Flash kill Superman?

The answer is always Superman. As someone correctly pointed out, the Flash (Wally West) defeated him. Ergo, the Black Flash is not unbeatable. Ergo, Superman could defeat him as well.

Is Godspeed faster than flash CW?

As they both chase in Central City, Godspeed proved to be faster than Barry for the moment; due to having absorbed his clones and organic speed. As he was about to kill Barry and absorb his speed, he was knocked down by Eobard Thawne. Godspeed vs Flash and Reverse-Flash.

Who is the god of speed?

Cenos is the god of speed, born from the union of Ova(Goddess of Beasts) and Pelios(God of Emotions). His parent’s union was a particularly vibrant one, and more gods came into being under their dance than any other.

Who is faster Flash or Superman?

When on ground, Superman is always slower than the Flash. However, when in flight, Superman is faster than the Flash. But, if the Flash decides to tamper with the flow of time and “cheat,” then the Flash will be faster than Superman, even if he’s flying.

Who is the fastest speedster 2020?

Out of all the speedsters, the fastest is unsurprisingly Barry Allen. He, of course, has a lot of competition, and though his top speed in season 1 barely compares to what many of the others can do, Barry is capable of keeping up with them all by season 6.

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Who is the fastest superhero?

The Top 10 Fastest Superheroes In Marvel and DC Comic Books Today

  1. Wally West. For as long as Wally West has existed there has been the debate as to whether or not he is faster than Barry Allen.
  2. Flash – Barry Allen. …
  3. Makkari. …
  4. Superman. …
  5. Northstar/Aurora. …
  6. Quicksilver. …
  7. Shazam. …
  8. Superboy. …

Is Barry faster than Thawne?

In the TV series, Barry was faster than Reverse Flash in the original timeline. But after Thawne changed the timeline he became faster as he was increasing his speed using a battery under his wheelchair. Reverse Flash always had the upper hand on Flash.

Is Goku faster than flash?

Goku is faster than CW flash even in his base form. Not to forget Goku’s INSTANT TRANSMISSION, he can reach any part of the universe in a fraction of seconds. In this regards, it can be said that the yadrats of DBZ is also faster than CW flash, as the yadrats taught Goku the instant transmission technique.

Is Nora faster than Barry?

Originally Answered: Is Nora faster than Barry? Nora is much slower than barry. When barry and nora went back in time to get items to defeat cicada after zoom attacked them he only caught up with barry because he didnt want nora to get caught because she is much slower! It is a fact that barry is the fastest speedster!

Who is the slowest flash?

In the comic books, as between Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, & Bart Allen (the 4 main characters who have worn the mantle of Flash or Kid Flash), the slowest is probably Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash & founding member of the Justice Society of America.

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Is Jesse faster than Barry?

As they are almost neck to neck, we do realise that Jessie is quick but not as quick as Barry. This is confirmed when Wally says “Damn, Jessie is almost as fast as barry is.” However it is true that Jessie is faster compared to how fast Barry could run when he first got his speed.

Is Barry faster than Wally?

In the comics, Wally was faster than Barry, although Wally started being significantly slower than Barry when he got his powers. In the CW Flash TV series, Barry is (till date) faster than Wally and IMO, would be faster for the foreseeable future.

Can Superman beat Hulk?

Even in the few times he’s faced Superman, the green monster has lost. It’s no fault of the Hulk’s, but Superman is called Superman for a reason. Unless he had kryptonite or a magic-user by his side, Hulk would usually fall to the DC Hero – although, he’d put up a hell of a fight. Superman wins.

Can Flash beat Thanos?

It’s simple, the flash would beat thanos because no matter how powerful thanos is, he is too too too too too too slow for the flash. , Seen all the marvel movies, read tons of comics. No, just no. The entire justice league could face him and they would still be instantly destroyed if Thanos willed it to be so.

Who’s faster Superman or Flash?

The Flash is faster than Superman. He has won five of their nine races, with three ties and only one win from Superman. Still, even the fastest Speedster, Wally West, stated that given enough motivation, Superman could get a big enough boost to gain extra speed and become faster than any of the Speedsters.

Who can kill Flash?

Anyone with Infinity Stones can beat Flash, Silver Surfer can beat Flash, many cosmic charachters can beat flash because flash cant time travel to another planet.

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