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Who is the most unguardable player in the NBA?


After leading his Brooklyn Nets to a commanding five-game gentleman’s sweep over the Boston Celtics, one thing has become abundantly clear: Durant is back to being the most unstoppable, unguardable player in the NBA.

In addition, What was Kobe Bryant’s signature move?

Kobe Bryant Fadeaway. The most skilled player in the league today has found a way to account for his body’s wear and tear by developing one of the most indefensible, deadly and feared moves in all of basketball: the fadeaway. Kobe’s fadeaway has been the staple of Staples Center for the past decade plus.

Furthermore, Is KD Unguardable?

The best part of Durant’s game is his efficiency. He is a superstar shot maker, but he does it at an alarming rate. He is nailing over 43% of his threes, 52.8% of his field goals, and 87.7% of his foul shots. Durant is the most unguardable player in the world because he has no weakness.

Also, What makes KD Unguardable? KD is phenomenonal player, and actually he has taken advantage of his inherent talent as much as he can, height, skills, agility, handles, shooting feels, he can shoot from perimeter, he can dribble, he has the legit quick first step, he can even shoot one foot fadeaway, He is a sniper.

Is Kyrie Unguardable?
There are several “unguardable players” currently in the NBA and they fit into certain categories. Good dribblers/shot makers- This group includes Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, James Harden, and Kemba Walker. They specialize in making any shot and getting open with their unreal dribble moves.

Where did Kobe get his moves?

Here’s what I wrote in chapter two of the book: “There isn’t a move that’s a new move.” The basketball star Kobe Bryant has admitted that all of his moves on the court were stolen from watching tapes of his heroes.

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What is the Kobe fadeaway?

The fadeaway jumpshot was used when there wasn’t enough room for Bryant to elevate and shoot. When he was smothered by longer defenders or being double teamed. It needed strength to get enough altitude on the body, but it also needed a set-up. The beauty was in the execution, and the process.

What is Michael Jordan’s signature move?

The fadeaway shot was Jordan’s signature move and it was very effective. Playing defense on a player who is fading away is difficult enough to contest the shot.

How good is KD?

With his versatile skill set, great shooting range, ability to finish plays at the free-throw line, and great use of athleticism, there’s no question that Durant is the most potent scorer in the NBA, and his numbers continue to stack up and prove that he stands alone at the top of this mountain.

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Is KD the most skilled player ever?

Steve Nash Calls Kevin Durant The Most Skilled Basketball Player Ever: “When He’s Healthy, There’s Just Nobody Like Him” … Durant’s ridiculous performance throughout the year, particularly the Olympics led Steve Nash to pay him the ultimate compliment by appointing him as the most skilled basketball player of all-time.

Is Kevin Durant the best player in NBA history?

While he played just 35 games this season, missing time for various reasons, when he was on the floor, he was his typically dominant self, averaging 27 points per game on an efficient 53-45-88 shooting line. Durant has long been regarded as the NBA’s best scorer. … Kevin Durant is the best player in the NBA.

Who is the strongest basketball player ever?

The NBA’s strongest player is Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers. Even as he’s played for multiple teams with some controversy, Howard is still known for having one of the league’s best bodies. Howard probably has one of the most sculpted physiques the NBA has ever seen.

Why did Kobe put his shirt in his mouth?

As it turns out, there’s a simple explanation: He will be remembered, of course, for being one of the game’s greats, willing to eat your young, or his own jersey to win. “It’s disgusting, but my father taught me when your mouth gets dry, just suck the sweat out of your own jersey,” he says.

Who is hoodie Melo?

The 2017 summer has turned into a showcase of offseason workouts of NBA players on Twitter and Instagram, but maybe the most important trend to emerge has been Carmelo Anthony’s alter ego: Hoodie Melo. … Brickley has become the go-to workout guru for many NBA athletes including Anthony, Kevin Durant, and C.J. McCollum.

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How old was Kobe Bryant?

Who died in the crash. Kobe Bryant: The 41-year-old was a basketball legend and a married father of four girls, ranging in age from less than 1 year to 17 years old. He played for the Lakers for 20 seasons, winning five championships, and was selected to the All-Star team 18 times.

Who invented fade away?

Wilt Chamberlain was a famous pioneer of the fadeaway.

What is a post fade away?

A fadeaway or fall-away in basketball is a jump shot taken while jumping backwards, away from the basket. Only a handful of great NBA players have been successful shooting fadeaways.

What is the most expensive autograph?

George Washington

When it comes to expensive autographs, our first president George Washington takes the cake. His signature on his personal copy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the First Congress is the highest valued autograph ever sold. It was sold at auction in 2012 for $9.8 million.

Who has the best spin move in NBA?

Shakin’ and Bakin’: The 10 Best Moves in the NBA

  • 1.) Tony Parker’s Floater in the Lane.
  • 2.) Dirk Nowitzki’s Step-Back Jumper.
  • 3.) Dwyane Wade’s Spin.
  • 4.) Allen Iverson’s Hesitation.
  • 5.) Kobe Bryant’s Fadeaway Jumper.
  • 6.) Manu Ginobili’s Euro-step.
  • 7.) Carmelo Anthony’s Jab and Dribble.
  • 8.) Kevin Garnett’s Turnaround Jumper.

How much is a Michael Jordan signature worth?

SMR Price Guide

3×5/AP 8×10 Ball
$250 $500 $1,200

What is Kevin Durant best known for?

Durant is best known for his prodigious scoring ability. From 2010 to 2014, he won four scoring titles, becoming one of only two players to win four scoring titles in a five-year span.

Who is the most skilled basketball player?

According to Perkins, the late Kobe Bryant is the most skilled of all-time followed by Michael Jordan. The two NBA legends were eerily similar on the court. Bryant did all he could to model his game after Jordan, and it showed.

Is Kyrie Irving the most skilled NBA player?

Kyrie Irving is the most offensively skilled player ever. From his handle, breakdown moves, footwork and finish. He has the highest skillset I’ve ever seen with the ball in his hands. … He has this unique superpower ability upon penetration, to rely on his instincts that detects the defensive players body positioning.

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