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Who is the Top 5 point guards in NBA?

  • Kyrie Irving. Team: Brooklyn Nets. …
  • Ben Simmons. Team: Philadelphia 76ers. …
  • Chris Paul. Team: Phoenix Suns. …
  • Damian Lillard. Nick Wass/AP Images 5. …
  • Luka Doncic. Team: Dallas Mavericks. …
  • James Harden. Frank Franklin II/AP Images 3. …
  • Stephen Curry. Team: Golden State Warriors. …
  • LeBron James. David Zalubowski/AP Images 1. LeBron James.

In addition, Who is the No 1 point guard in NBA?

2020-21 Hollinger NBA Player Statistics – Point Guards

Hollinger Stats – Player Efficiency Rating – Qualified Point Guards
1 Stephen Curry , GS .655
2 Damian Lillard, POR .623
3 Luka Doncic, DAL .587

Furthermore, Who is better Steph or Kyrie?

If you analyze Kyrie Irving’s gameplay, you will see that he is a good shooter. His stats, however, suggest that Kyrie Irving is still far from overtaking Stephen Curry. However, Kyrie’s ball-handling skills are superior to Curry’s.

Also, Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA 2021? 2021 NBA free agent rankings: Top shooting guards available right…

  • Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • Duncan Robinson.
  • Victor Oladipo.
  • Kendrick Nunn.
  • Evan Fournier.
  • Gary Trent Jr.
  • Talen Horton-Tucker.
  • Josh Richardson.

Who is the best point guard in NBA 2021?
Ranking the Top 22 NBA point guards for the 2021-22 season. Guess who’s No. 1?

  1. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)
  2. Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers) …
  3. Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) …
  4. Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks) …
  5. Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns) …
  6. Ja Morant (Memphis Grizzlies) …
  7. Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee Bucks) …

Is LeBron the best point guard?

I think LeBron James is not only the greatest point guard today, but in fact, he’s the guy who will replace Magic as the greatest point guard of all time. If you’re making your all-time list, you put LeBron at the point guard.”

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Who’s the best point guard of all time?

1. Magic Johnson. Without a doubt, Magic is by himself as the best point guard ever. Magic was the architect behind 5 NBA championships with the Lakers and even managed to capture 3 Finals MVPs.

Who is the best dribbler in NBA history?

Arguably the flashiest dribbler and passer in NBA history. Jason Williams earns a place on this list for his creative approach on offense and hours of highlight reels filled with just his ball-handling ability. Williams played in the NBA from 1999 to 2011.

Is James Harden better than Stephen Curry?

Steph Curry is a three-time NBA Champion and two-time MVP. Yet, Skip Bayless of Undisputed on FS1 says that James Harden is the better all-time player. … As a scorer and distributor, he’s just better than Steph,” Bayless said to his partner Shannon Sharpe on the air on Tuseday.

Who is better curry or LeBron?

In terms of having an all-around game, LeBron is probably number one all time. His 27.0 PPG ranks 6th all-time, and he did it with over 50% shooting from the field. He also ranks 23rd with 7.4 APG. … As great of a shooter Curry is, LeBron has better all-around statistics on both ends of the floor.

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What is the shortest position in basketball?

The Point Guard is usually the shortest but the best ball handler on the team. Also known as the ‘coach on the floor’ or the ‘floor general’, a point guard is responsible for directing plays.

What position is LeBron James 2021?

LeBron James played point guard in 2020-21.

Who is the best dunker in the NBA?

The Top 10 Dunkers In NBA History

  • Zach LaVine.
  • Jason Richardson.
  • LeBron James.
  • Blake Griffin.
  • Shawn Kemp.
  • Dominique Wilkins.
  • Julius Erving.
  • Michael Jordan.

What are the top 5 point guards of all time?

Here’s how I would rank the top 10 point guards of all-time:

  • Oscar Robertson.
  • Bob Cousy.
  • Chris Paul.
  • John Stockton.
  • Isaiah Thomas.
  • Russell Westbrook.
  • Jason Kidd.
  • Steve Nash.

Is Chris Paul a top 5 point guard?

With all that said Chris Paul ranks 6th among all-time point guards but has the chance to enter the top five with a deep playoff run.

How did Kyrie get so good at dribbling?

After watching a documentary about Baron Davis, Kyrie Irving learned that tying a plastic bag around his basketball could take his ball-handling skills to the next level. This easy household trick helped Baron Davis master his handles when he was young and couldn’t afford to get personalized training.

Who is the best playmaker in NBA history?

LeBron James is often considered the best basketball player in the world right now and regarded by some as the greatest player of all time. He is a combination of speed, skill, and size. LeBron is great at making offensive plays for his teammates and himself.

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Who has the best handles ever?

Top 10 best ball handlers in NBA history

  1. Kyrie Irving. Teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets.
  2. Allen Iverson. Teams: Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons, Memphis Grizzlies, …
  3. Chris Paul. …
  4. Steph Curry. …
  5. Pete Maravich. …
  6. Steve Nash. …
  7. Jamal Crawford. …
  8. Tim Hardaway. …

Is Kyrie better than Harden?

Harden is debatably the best offensive player of all time. Irving is quite simply a notch below Harden, but still packs a major punch with his offensive capabilities. Known as one of the best ball handlers and finishers in the league, it would not be a bad choice having Irving over Harden in this department.

Who’s a better scorer Harden or Curry?

Curry is currently higher on the list of all time greats as he is a 3 time champion, but in terms of who is a better player on the court on a game by game basis, it is definitely close. Harden is a more well-rounded player: better passer, rebounder, defender, and probably a better overall scorer.

Did LeBron beat Curry?

With less than one minute remaining in the fourth quarter, and the score tied at 100-100, LeBron James hit a deep three-pointer that ended up being the game’s final points scored, thus making it the game-winning shot. After the game, Steph Curry, who had 37-points on the night, spoke about the shot that James hit.

Is LeBron better than Jordan?

LeBron James’ numbers show that he is, in fact, a better overall player. However, Jordan has scored more overall and has a better finals record. LeBron’s stats show that he is more efficient than Jordan. Jordan has a better free throw percentage, and that improves his points per game average.

Are point guards short?

A point guard, even one of the greatest of all time, may be the smallest player on a basketball team, but the National Basketball Association hardly means an “average” height in the position’s description. … Being short is unusual for any player.

What are the 13 rules of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith’s Original 13 Rules of Basketball

  • The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.
  • The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands (never with the fist).
  • A player cannot run with the ball.

What shooting guard do?

A shooting guard’s main objective is to score points for their team and steal the ball on defense. Some teams ask their shooting guards to bring up the ball as well; these players are known colloquially as combo guards.

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