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Who won NBA All Star Game 2016?


The 2016 NBA All-Star Game was an exhibition basketball game that was played on February 14, 2016. It was the 65th NBA All-Star Game. The Western Conference won 196–173 over the Eastern Conference, and Russell Westbrook was named the NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP).

2016 Celebrity All-Star Game Rosters
Anthony Anderson
Marc Lasry
Joel David Moore
Nick Cannon

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Who won the celebrity game 2020?

Michael Wilbon

Who won the 2016 NBA All Star Game MVP?

Russell Westbrook

Who won the Celebrity All Star Game last night?

Michael Wilbon

Who won NBA All Star Game?

Team LeBron

What does Winner of NBA All Star game get?

A spokesperson for the NBA confirmed to CNBC Make It that the bonus payout is the same for 2020: $100,000 for the winning team and $25,000 for the losing team. Thanks to a new game format in 2020, teams also have the chance to earn up to $500,000 for the Chicago-based community organization they’re representing.

What time is NBA celebrity game?

7 p.m. ET

Who is in the celebrity game 2020?

The home team, which will be coached by ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, will field players like Common, Bad Bunny and last season’s MVP, Famous Los. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith will coach the away team, which will be led by Chicago native and three-time Grammy Award winner Chance the Rapper, Anthony “Spice” Adams and Quavo.

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How does the All Star Game Work NBA?

The Final Target Score will be determined by taking the leading team’s total cumulative score through three quarters and adding 24 points. Once the Final Target Score is set, the teams will play an untimed fourth quarter and the first team to reach the Final Target Score will win the NBA All-Star Game.

What was the score of the All Star game last night?

Kawhi Leads Team LeBron To All-Star Victory Kawhi Leonard scores 30 and earns the Kobe Bryant MVP award to lift Team LeBron to a 157-155 victory in the 69th NBA All-Star Game.

What time is the NBA All Star Game tonight?

8 p.m. ET

Who sang at the 2020 All Star Game?

Chaka Khan

How do players get chosen for the All Star Game?

The 10 starters – two guards and three frontcourt players per conference – are chosen by a combination of fans (50 percent of the vote), current players (25 percent) and basketball media (25 percent). The players and media were granted a vote in 2017 – only fans selected the starting lineup before then.

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What city is the All Star game in?


Who won the 2016 NBA All Star Game?

Russell Westbrook

Why was the NBA All Star Game to 157?

The NBA decided, as part of the series of Bryant tributes, that the winner of the All-Star Game would be the team that added 24 points, a nod to his jersey number, to whatever the leading total score was after three quarters. That meant the target score was set: 157. The game clock was off.

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