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Who won the 2008 Olympics?

Pos. No. Name
—- — —————
F 4 Boozer, Carlos
G 5 Kidd, Jason
F 6 James, LeBron
G 7 Williams, Deron

Who was on the Redeem Team?

Led by Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and a resurgent Dwayne Wade off the bench, the “Redeem Team” looked unbeatable in pool play. The U.S. dominated China, Angola, Greece, Spain, and Germany, winning by an average of 32 points—including a 32-point rout of defending world champs Spain. and a spanking of Germany by 49.

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Where were the Olympics held in the 70s?

Olympics. During the 1970s, the Olympics took place four times, with Munich hosting the games in 1972 and Montreal playing host in 1976.

Who won the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Michael Phelps

Who won the Olympics in 2004?


Has the USA basketball team ever lost in the Olympics?

The team was noted for being one of the most disappointing United States men’s Olympic teams, after it lost three games in the Olympics against its opponents, which is the most games ever lost by a US men’s Olympic basketball team. … The team also lost games in the Olympics to Lithuania and Argentina.

Does USA always win basketball Olympics?

The United States is by far the most successful country in Olympic basketball, with United States men’s teams having won 15 of 18 tournaments in which they participated, including seven consecutive titles from 1936 through 1968. … The United States are the defending champions in both men’s and women’s tournaments.

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What cities have hosted the Olympics?

Eleven cities will have hosted the Olympic Games more than once: Athens (1896 and 2004 Summer Olympics), Paris (1900, 1924 and 2024 Summer Olympics), London (1908, 1948 and 2012 Summer Olympics), St. Moritz (1928 and 1948 Winter Olympics), Lake Placid (1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics), Los Angeles (1932, 1984 and 2028 …

Who was on the 2012 Olympic basketball team?

Featuring a 12-man roster overflowing with basketball talents, the golden 2012 U.S. team featured five members of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team – Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Deron Williams; five members of the 2010 USA World Championship Team – Tyson Chandler, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, …

Who was on the 2008 Redeem Team?

James, Wade and Chris Bosh hatched a friendship that led to their Miami Heat gathering. The team ran undefeated to a gold-medal game against Spain, with a prime Pau Gasol and a 17-year-old Ricky Rubio.

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How many Olympics has America won?

In the history of the Summer Olympics, the United States has been the most successful nation ever, with a combined total of more than 2,500 medals in 27 Olympic Games.

How many times have GB won the Olympics?

Great Britain at the Olympics
IOC code
Medals Ranked 4th
Summer appearances

Who beat USA Basketball in 2004?

Puerto Rico

Who was on 2004 Olympic basketball team?

Basketball at the Summer Olympics season
2004 Summer Olympics
Scoring leader
Rebounding leader
Assists leader

Who won the 2000 Olympics?

Cathy Freeman

What US city hosted the first Olympics?

St. Louis 1904

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