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Why is Nikola Jokic called the Joker?


This nickname was given to him by his Denver Nuggets teammate Mike Miller at practice, and it stuck. Miller gave it to him because Jokic surprises people, always has an ace up his sleeve and opponents have to make adjustments as you never know what he is going to do. Jokic is unpredictable, on and off the court.

Nicknamed “the Joker”, Jokić was selected by the Nuggets in the second round of the 2014 NBA draft. He was voted to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2016.

What does Jokic mean?

Jokić (pronounced [jǒkitɕ]; Serbian Cyrillic: Јокић) is a Serbo-Croatian surname, a patronymic derived from Joko, itself a diminutive of masculine given name Jokan. It may refer to: Bojan Jokić (born 1986), Slovenian footballer.

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How did Jokic lose weight?

Jokic said in February that he had lost 20-25 pounds during the season through diet and exercise, and his weight loss coincided with the upward trajectory of his play — he averaged 25.5 points, 10 rebounds and 7.2 assists on 64 percent shooting in the month of February.

What languages does Nikola Jokic speak?

Jokic, whose primary language is Serbian, was asked about Bulls rookie Wendell Carter Jr.’s development, which is when he used the slur.

Can Jokic dunk?

“I can’t dunk it, guys,” Jokic told some kids as they implored him to slam home the basketball. … I never dunk.” The 6’10” star is certainly more known for his artful passing than aerial acrobatics, but he has dunked in NBA games before. While he won’t get far off the ground, he can rattle the rim when uncontested.

Who has the best dunk in NBA history?

1.Vince Carter – Toronto Raptors – 2000 When I think of the best dunk contest dunk ever, there’s no question this is the best that’s ever been done. In his first dunk of the night, Carter managed to fluidly throw down a reverse 360 windmill, making it look so effortless and perfect.

Who is the joker in the NBA?


Has there ever been a 3 point dunk?

No one really knows whether we will ever see a basketball player dunk from the three-point line. In my opinion, it is very unlikely but I cannot say that it will never be done. Who knows, if basketball players continue to become bigger and more athletic we could see a player do what many think to be impossible.

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Who has won the most dunk contest in NBA history?

Nate Robinson

Is it still a 3 pointer if you jump over the line?

“A player is allowed to jump from outside the line and land inside the line to make a three-point attempt, as long as the ball is released in mid-air.”

Is Jokic a superstar?

LOS ANGELES — Through the early stages of the 2018-19 season, the Denver Nuggets (4-1) are one of the best teams in the NBA, and 23-year-old Serbian center Nikola Jokic is a big reason why. “He’s an MVP candidate,” one agent said. Jokic is undeniably a star, although to date, he’s been snubbed as an All-Star.

Is a dunk from the 3 point line 3 points?

In terms off dunking from the three point line. This is only counted as a three point shot if both of the players feet are behind the line before he takes off. … If he is fouled in flight to the goal and finishes the dunk, he will be awarded a 4 point play opportunity becuase he was fouled on a 3 point attempt.

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Is Jokic married?

Jokic married his girlfriend Natalija Macesic on Saturday in his hometown of Sombor, Serbia.

How far is the 3 point line from the basket?

At the top of the arc, the three-point line is 6.75 meters from the center of the basket or 22.15 feet. This measurement works out to about 22 feet, two inches. The FIBA three-point line, which has also been adopted by the WNBA, is over a foot and a half closer than the NBA line.

Who has the best dunk in 2k20?

– Zion Williamson – 97 Dunk.
– Aaron Gordon – 95 Dunk.
– Donovan Mitchell – 95 Dunk.
– Giannis Antetokounmpo – 95 Dunk.
– Hamidou Diallo – 95 Dunk.
– Zach LaVine – 95 Dunk.
– Andrew Wiggins – 94 Dunk.
– Dennis Smith Jr. – 94 Dunk.

Would a dunk from the 3 point line?

So as you can see, the distance to dunk from the three-point line is about 10 feet more than the distance from the free-throw line. Adding 2 to 3 feet or maybe even 5 feet to a dunk seems a little more possible, but adding 10 feet to an already extremely difficult dunk would make this quite a jump.

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