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Why Is The Ping Eye 2 Wedge Banned?


The uproar resulted in the PGA Tour issuing a statement that included, “Because the use of pre-1990 Ping Eye 2 irons is permitted for play, public comments or criticisms characterizing their use as a violation of the Rules of Golf as promulgated by the USGA are inappropriate at best.”

Then Are Big Bertha drivers legal? The way to distinguish the illegal club from the conforming version is to inspect the “Big Bertha 460” logo on the club’s sole. The illegal version has a dash within the body of the “B” in “Big Bertha” and a dash and a dot in the “4” in “460.”

Furthermore, Is groove sharpening legal?

Are golf groove sharpeners legal? While it is perfectly legal to use a golf groove sharpener, your modified club must still comply with the rules of the game regarding golf groove alignment, depth and spacing. … There are also limitations on how sharp grooves can be on any clubs with a loft greater than 25 degrees.

What does green dot mean on Ping irons? Ping Colors

The blue dot hosels are 0.75 of a degree more upright than black, followed by yellow, green, white, silver and maroon, with an additional 0.75 degree more upright at each level, culminating in the maroon clubs being 4.5 degrees more upright.

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How often should you Regroove your golf clubs?

A decent rule of thumb though would be to re-groove every 15 – 20 rounds of golf.

Is Callaway ERC illegal?

Banned from the game of golf in the 50 states and south of the border, it has inspired the wrath of the United States Golf Association and started the biggest brouhaha the game of golf has seen in recent memory. Callaway calls the club the ERC II and it’s a driver like none other.

Should driver sit flat at address?

Drivers should always have the toe up at address ‘ if the hands return close to this position while impacting the ball — because during the last portion of the swing there is a centrifugal force of up to 70 pounds just before impact, acting at the center of gravity (c.g.) of the head.

What does 460cc mean on a golf driver?

“cc” stands for cubic centimeters and the USGA dictates the maximum volume a golf driver can be is 460cc. According to the USGA Rules for 2019, “The volume of the clubhead must not exceed 460 cubic centimetres (28.06 cubic inches), plus a tolerance of 10 cubic centimetres (0.61 cubic inches)” (Page 49).

Can you Regroove golf irons?

Kelly’s Custom Golf offers precision milling of USGA conforming square and “V” grooves for your irons. Re-grooving will improve control and direction in your shots, lowering your scores!

Should I Regroove my golf clubs?

“Regrooving the wedge incorrectly can make the grooves non-conforming. Not only that, regrooving multiple times can make the face thinner and lighter — to the point where you lose head weight you can’t get back — and the tolerances might not be the same.”

When were square grooves banned?

Saying that the use of square or U grooves in golf irons ”has changed the nature of the game,” the PGA Tour Policy Board today declared clubs with square grooves illegal for use in PGA Tour events starting Jan. 1, 1990.

What lie angle should my irons be?

The standard lie angle of drivers and woods is in the range between 56 and 60 degrees, hybrid / rescue clubs between 58 and 62 degrees, irons between 61 and 64 degrees. For wedges it is nearly always 63 or 64 degrees.

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Which Ping irons are the most forgiving?

Going back to the original answer, right now PING has one of the most forgiving irons on the market with the G710 super game improvement irons. With its large clubhead, extreme perimeter weighting, and hollow design it is by far one the most forgiving iron and is perfect for new golfers.

Does 1 degree flat mean?

If the lie angles of your clubs are 1 degree greater than the manufacturer’s standard, your clubs are 1 degree flat. If your lie angles are lower by 1 degree, the clubs are 1 degree upright.

How do I sharpen my irons?

Can irons be Regrooved?

Groove Mate groove sharpener is a simple and elegant tool to regroove your clubs and irons. It’s necessary to regroove your clubs on a regular basis to improve your backspin performances. This particular model can be used to regroove U grooves, V grooves as well as square grooves.

Do iron grooves wear out?

Now, do grooves get dull? Yes, especially on wedges, where you’re hitting out of the sand. So those should be replaced conservatively every three years, more often the more you play.

Is Big Bertha ERC 2 illegal?

The ERC II Driver has created a world wide stir with it’s hot “ultra-thin” Forged Titanium face (which has been deemed illegal for tournament play by the USGA..

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Are Big Bertha drivers any good?

The Big Bertha B21 driver produces a staccato metallic crack that’s a medium plus in volume. The sound is markedly consistent across the face and although distinctive, doesn’t draw attention. With the stock Callaway RCH 65 regular shaft, the club felt very balanced throughout the swing.

What drivers are illegal in golf?

The most common type of illegal golf drivers offer a high COR. A COR value above 0.83 (legal max) will offer more distance for most golfers that use it. Other types of illegal golf drivers include, oversized golf drivers (460cc or larger), anti-slice and extra long (over 48 inches in length) golf drivers.

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Should toes be up at address?

Should I have the toe up at address with irons? Yes. When hitting irons, you should always address the golf ball with the toe of the club slightly up. This will ensure the clubhead arrives at the ball square at impact and will lead to better interaction with the turf, resulting in straighter shots.

Do you want shaft lean with driver?

What does toe up mean in golf?

one of the most taught golf tips that Golfers are working on is called “Toe-up to Toe-up”. … For those not familiar with “Toe-up to Toe-up” … it’s the swing technique of making an unecessary manipulation so that the toe of the club is pointing up towards the sky by the time your club is about hip high in your backswing.

Is 460cc legal?

The current USGA limit on club head size is 460cc, so this is the main reason the club is illegal. … The regular flex graphite shaft helps golfers to get some extra club head speed as well.

What is CC in golf driver?

The USGA dictates that a golf driver can be no larger than 460cc (cubic centimeters) … The “Liter” is a unit of measurement of volume and is defined as 1,000 cubic centimeters (cc). Therefore, the USGA is saying that the maximum size of a golf driver head must not exceed roughly ¼ the size of a 2-Liter bottle of soda.

What golf driver has the biggest head?

What Head Size Do You Need? The largest driver head that has been approved by the USGA is 460cc, while the smallest ones weigh in at 420cc. 460cc clubs have the largest faces, and the weight is designed to fall into the lower back portion of the head, which increases momentum and helps launch the ball into the air.

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