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Why plus/minus is a bad stat NBA?


The main flaw of raw plus-minus in a single game is that when a player either plays mediocre basketball with a strong lineup that outscores the other team well or plays well when their lineup is getting killed, the stat does not capture it. This is often the case, particularly for guys that get less minutes.

Also to know is What does F mean in basketball?

1 Center (C) 1 Flex Forward (F) – Both power forward and small forward players qualify. 1 Flex Guard (G) – Both point guard and shooting guard players qualify. 1 Point Guard (PG)

Considering this, Why is plus-minus a bad stat?

In any context, plus-minus tries to confuse people about how good a player really is. More often than not, no information is better than very, very flawed information. The worst thing about plus-minus is that it pretends to be an advanced stat. … Plus-minus is a terrible number for measuring how good a player is.

Keeping this in consideration WHY per 36 is a bad stat? NBA Per-36 (or per-48) minute stats can be so easily inflated or deflated by players playing small numbers of minutes that, in extreme cases, they can be meaningless. Consider, for example, a player who plays 6 minutes and records 3 fouls.

What does 4 mean in basketball?

Basketball positions with the numbers as they are known: 1–Point guard. 2–Shooting guard. 3– Small forward. 4–Power forward.

Is a high plus-minus good?

A high plus total is taken to mean that a guy is a good defensive player. To clarify, an even-strength goal means a goal that is scored when there are the same number of players on each team.

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Is +/- a useless stat?

Today, many argue that plus-minus is meaningless because it depends on far too many variables. These include quality of linemates, team systems, deployment, personal shooting percentage, team shooting percentage, team save percentage and sheer luck.

Who has the best plus-minus in NBA history?


Rank Player BPM
1. Michael Jordan * 9.22
2. LeBron James 8.89
3. Magic Johnson* 7.54
4. David Robinson* 7.48

What does per 36 minutes mean?

They’re the numbers a player would put up in 36 minutes of play. So if a player scored 2 points in 9 minutes of play, that’s a rate of 8 points per 36 minutes. Since everyone plays a different amount of minutes, it gives you a base you to compare counting stats.

Why is the per 36 important for players to improve their game?

Most often, NBA stars log at least 36 minutes per game. This little used statistic is important because it can bring us great insight into the true production of the league’s elite.

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What does 7 mean in basketball?

If a comment says: “warriors in 7” it means that that persons think the warriors are going to win 4-3, the series goes to 7 games with the warriors winning 4 before the raptors or in real life, since the warriors are down 3-1 in the series they think that the warriors are going to win the next 3 games and come back and …

What are the 5 main rules in basketball?

What Are the Rules of Basketball?

  • Only five players per team on the court. …
  • Score more than your opponent to win. …
  • Score within the shot clock. …
  • Dribbling advances the ball. …
  • The offense has five seconds to inbound the ball. …
  • The offense must advance the ball. …
  • Ball and ballhandler must remain inbounds.

What position is the 2 in basketball?

The shooting guard is also referred to as the No. 2 guard, or off-guard. He is generally the better shooter of the two guards.

Who has the worst plus/minus in the NHL?

Mikkelson is best known for posting the worst plus/minus rating in single-season NHL history at -82 for the Washington Capitals in 1974–75.

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What is plus/minus is equal to?

Addition and Subtraction

Two ‘pluses‘ make a plus, two ‘minuses’ make a plus. A plus and a minus make a minus.

Does penalty kill affect plus minus?

On the penalty kill, he gets a plus if his team scores a short-handed goal, but doesn’t get a minus if he surrenders a power-goal goal. … Offensive players get a minus when an empty-net goal is scored against their team.

What’s a good PER NBA?

Introduction. PER strives to measure a player’s per-minute performance, while adjusting for pace. A league-average PER is always 15.00, which permits comparisons of player performance across seasons.

Who has the highest PER in NBA history?

NBA/ABA Leaders

Rank Player PER
1. Giannis Antetokounmpo 31.86
2. Wilt Chamberlain* 31.82
3. Wilt Chamberlain* 31.76
4. Michael Jordan* 31.71

Why defensive rating is a bad stat?

Thus, the data analysis seems to suggest that defensive rating is not a great measure of a player’s defensive ability/impact alone, as it does not have a favorable correlation with an important defensive metric in Steals Per Game. Another significant defensive statistic of comparison is a player’s Blocks Per Game.

What is Kobe’s plus-minus?

Kobe Bryant had a plus-minus of +4153 in his career.

Kobe Bryant 1346 7,047

What was Michael Jordan’s plus-minus?

Michael Jordan had a plus-minus of +1438 in his career.

Michael Jordan 306 1438

Who has the best plus-minus in the NBA 2021?

Rudy Gobert had the highest plus-minus in 2020-21, at +728.

Rudy Gobert 2020-21 960
Mike Conley 2020-21 177
Royce O’Neale 2020-21 485
Joe Ingles 2020-21 244

Whats the point of per 36?

Per-minute ratings are calculated by taking the player’s total in any category (points, rebounds, assists, etc.) divided by total minutes played. For example; if a player gets 24 minutes per game, and his points average per game is 12, he’d score (36*12)/24=18 points if he’d play 36 minutes.

How do you calculate per 36?

In order to calculate per-36 minute stats, you divide 36 by the number of minutes the player actually played, then take that number and multiply all of the player’s stats by it.

Who is averaging the most points this season?

2020-2021 NBA Season Leaders

Season Leaders – ESPN Rating
1 Nikola Jokic, C 26.4
2 Giannis Antetokounmpo, PF 28.1
3 James Harden, SG 24.6

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