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How many jump shots has Ben Simmons made?


The one sore spot in his game that stands out the most in today’s era is his lack of a jump shot. He has only made two 3-pointers in his career and the lack of a jumper is something that has seemed to stop the team in its tracks at times.

Has Ben Simmons made a 3?

On Thursday, Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons made his first three-pointer of the season.2 days ago

How many steals Does Ben Simmons have?

Season Age STL
——- — —
2018-19 22 1.4
2019-20 23 2.1
2020-21 24 1.5
Career 1.7

Has Ben Simmons ever hit a three?

PHILADELPHIA — It finally happened. After more than two seasons and in his 172nd NBA game, Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons made a 3-pointer. “It feels good to put work in in the summer and it pays off,” Simmons said after Philadelphia’s 109-104 win over the New York Knicks at Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday night.

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Has Ben Simmons made a 3 in the NBA?

Something wild was inevitable as 2020 drew to a close, and Thursday’s NBA slate did not disappoint. For the third time in his career, Ben Simmons has defied all of our expectations and made another 3-pointer. … The Philadelphia 76ers and Orlando Magic were tied when Joel Embiid kicked the ball into the corner to Simmons.4 days ago

How many 3s did Ben Simmons make in college?

But just a few months later at LSU, he flatly refused to shoot from distance, attempting just three triples all season. During the regular season just gone, he shot six threes all year despite playing almost three times as many games as he did in college.

Has Ben Simmons improved?

Over his three healthy NBA seasons, Simmons’ true shooting percentage has gone from 55.7 to 58.2 to 60.2. That’s partly because of his gradual improvement as a free throw shooter, but it’s also because of an interesting trend: He’s taking fewer of the shots he doesn’t make very often.

Has Ben Simmons made a 3 pointer?

Simmons makes three-pointers during practice and pregame workouts. … Simmons took one step to the right and buried a 24-footer early in the first quarter.11 hours ago

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Is Ben Simmons the fastest player in the NBA?

According to private data provided to SB Nation by NBA Advanced Stats, Simmons’ top recorded speed this year was 19.7 miles per hour, which translates to him racing the length of a court in roughly 3.25 seconds.

Who is the fastest player in the NBA 2020?

– De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento. Speed: 97 / Speed with the ball: 97 / OVR: 97.
– Russell Westbrook, Houston. …
– Jared Harper, New York. …
– Ja Morant, Memphis. …
– Derrick White, San Antonio. …
– Jordan Bone, Detroit. …
– Tremont Waters, Boston. …
– John Wall, Washington.

Is Ben Simmons an All Star?

Ben Simmons has achieved a major milestone in each of his first three NBA seasons. From Rookie of the Year in 2018, to first-time All-Star in 2019, and now, in 2020, back-to-back All-Star.

Will Ben Simmons come back?

A subluxation on his kneecap required surgery. Once it became known Simmons had to fly back to Philly for surgery, he was expected to miss the rest of the regular season and all of the 76ers’ playoff run. Now, Simmons is back in the gym as he’s motivated to come back stronger than ever for year four.

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Who is the slowest player in the NBA?

– Brook Lopez, Milwaukee. Speed: 25 / Speed with the ball: 25 / OVR: 25.
– Robin Lopez, Milwaukee. Speed: 25 / Speed with the ball: 25 / OVR: 25.
– Boban Marjanovic, Dallas. …
– Tacko Fall, Boston. …
– Ivica Zubac, Los Angeles Clippers. …
– Aron Baynes, Phoenix. …
– Kelly Olynyk, Miami. …
– Joakim Noah, LA Clippers.

When did Ben Simmons hit his first three?

2019–20 season On 22 November Simmons recorded his first triple-double of the season and his 24th of his career after recording 10 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists in a 115–104 win over the San Antonio Spurs.

How many jump shots has Ben Simmons taken?

An 18-foot jump shot is, even for average to good shooters, an inefficient look. For Simmons, who’s made 10 of 54 shots (22.5 percent) from eight feet and out this season, an 18-footer is almost never the right play.

Did Ben Simmons go to class?

Ben Simmons didn’t go to class at LSU, and he’s now using that to win Twitter arguments. Simmons’ lone season in Baton Rouge was pretty much a waste of everyone’s time. The Tigers’ season ended in a loss in the SEC Tournament, declining any postseason invite.

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