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How much is a 1985 Cabbage Patch Kid worth?


How much is a 1985 Cabbage Patch Kid worth?

Collectible Doll’s Auction Price $3000.00 USD
Year of Manufacture 1985
Manufacturer Coleco
Description While many Cabbage Patch Kids are worth no more than a couple of hundred dollars, this particular CPK remains intact in his original box hence the high auction price.

21 avr. 2021

Simply so, How do I know if my Cabbage Patch doll is valuable?

The color of the signature found on the bottom of the Cabbage Patch Doll is a good indication of the year of manufacture. A blue signature was used during 1985, red in 1986 and then in 1987 an aqua signature was used.

Similarly, Is my Cabbage Patch Kid worth money?

Dolls that were made prior to the Coleco handover are worth the most. Little Tilly Kay, a 1979 pre-Cabbage Patch Little People Original Doll sold for $550 in March. These prices are incredible when you consider that, according to cabbagepatchkids.com, over 30 million dolls were sold by the end of 1983.

What dolls are worth money?

This list will countdown to the most expensive doll we could find.

  • 24 Volland Raggedy Ann And Andy Dolls – $3,000.
  • 25 James Dudley Cabbage Patch Kid – $3,000. …
  • 26 Mint Condition Kirsten Larson And Accessories – $2,000. …
  • 27 Marie Antoinette Barbie – $1,250. …
  • 28 Devi Kroell Barbie Doll – $1,075. …

Furthermore, How much did Cabbage Patch dolls cost in 1983?
They were sold by toy company Coleco for about $25. The Cabbage Patch Kids had a unique hook that made them popular.

Do all Cabbage Patch dolls have a signature?

Signatures. Xavier Roberts signature is on the bum of each authentic Cabbage Patch Kid. Some have dates, others do not. … Some kids are hand signed by Xavier, mostly Softies, but some MM kids were signed at collector events!

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Did Cabbage Patch dolls have names?

Cabbage Patch Kids originally had a different name

Cabbage Patch Kids were originally named Little People, adoptable dolls with birth certificates. In 1982, their name is changed to Cabbage Patch Kids. Pictured here are two of the original ‘Kids,’ Otis Lawton (1982) and Delila Lorinda (1983).

Can you wash a Cabbage Patch doll?

Remove the clothes from the Cabbage Patch Doll. Place the doll inside a pillowcase with a knot on one end. Put it into the washer with the outfit and some clothes. Once the wash is complete, hang the doll by his head to remove any excess water.

How do I know if my doll is worth money?

Look for the Maker’s Mark

If you can find the manufacturer mark, or maker’s mark, on your old doll, it will give you the most important information needed to identify the doll. Take a good photo of the mark or draw a copy of it to keep handy. Doll manufacturer marks are typically found on the back of the head or neck.

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How can you tell if a toy is worth money?

To determine a toy value, liveauctioneers.com has a service which shows many completed auctions over the past 10 years. Searching this website under “toy”, one can find the priceand photos of over 105,000 toy lots sold over the past 10 years.

How much is a Tickle Me Elmo worth?

A Tickle Me Elmo doll in its original box can be worth around $50 today.

What is the most popular toy ever?

The best-selling toys of all time:

  • Furby. Credit: Amazon. …
  • L.O.L Surprise Dolls. Credit: Amazon. …
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls. Credit: Amazon. …
  • Rubik’s cube. Credit: Amazon. …
  • LeapFrog learning. Credit: Amazon. …
  • Stretch Armstrong. Credit: Amazon. …
  • Iggle Piggle. Credit: Amazon. …
  • Star Wars. Credit: Amazon. Related Content.

Are all Cabbage Patch dolls unique?

It was claimed that each Cabbage Patch Kids doll was unique. Different head molds, eye shapes and colors, hairstyles and colors, and clothing options did make each one look different than the other.

Why do Cabbage Patch dolls smell?

Consumer advocate groups pointed out that bogus Cabbage Patch items possessed an oily smell due to the industrial rags they had been stuffed with. Thought to be highly flammable, consumers were told to avoid Kids that reeked of kerosene.

What is the most expensive Cabbage Patch doll?

The most expensive Cabbage Patch doll ever

A 1985 Cabbage Doll called Teresa Ann sold on ebay for $2000 in April this year.

How much are Barbie dolls worth?

Most Valuable Barbie Dolls

Original Barbie – The original first edition Barbie from 1959 is very rare. Money, Inc. reports that even in played-with condition, she is worth $8,000. In pristine condition, she could be worth more than $27,000.

When did they stop making Cabbage Patch dolls?

Cabbage Patch Kids

Type Dolls
Company Coleco (1982–1988) Hasbro (1988–1994) Mattel (1994– 2003 ) Toys “R” Us (2003) Play Along (2004–2011) Jakks Pacific (2011–2014) Wicked Cool Toys (2015–present)
Country United States
Availability 1978–present
Official website
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How much does it cost to adopt a Cabbage Patch Kid?

Adoption Fees are $69.99 for babies and $79.99 for ‘Kids. Each comes with a Birth Certificate. Once you select your favorite, you will be offered the opportunity to change your Cabbage Patch Kids’ name and birthdate.

Are Cabbage Patch dolls dangerous?

Marketed as trampolines for your feet, these shoes were never recalled, but were known to cause ankle fractures and other leg injuries. Cabbage Patch dolls were one of the most wanted items of the 90s. One doll in particular though was recalled in 1997.

How can you tell how old a Cabbage Patch doll is?

Turn the doll over and look on his left butt cheek for Xavier Roberts’ signature. The color of the signature changed each year; for example, blue in 1985, red in 1986 and aqua in 1987. Black was only used on first edition dolls, with the exception of 1984 Preemies. Look at the bottom of the signature for a date.

Can you dry a Cabbage Patch doll in the dryer?

Drying Your Cabbage Patch Kid Doll After Its Bath

A lot of people are willing to tie a towel around its head with a rubber band and throw it in the dryer, but I don’t do that. After all, 30+ years is pretty old for a doll. Once your Kid has stopped dripping completely you can air dry it near (not TOO near) a heater.

Can you put a doll in the washing machine?

Most stuffed animals and dolls can be cleaned in a washing machine as long as some protective steps are taken to keep them safe. For more delicate toys though, use the Cleaning the Toy by Hand or the Cleaning Without Water methods below.

How do I know if my porcelain doll is worth money?

The most valuable dolls are in mint condition. Look for signs of deterioration such as wear, chips, and cracks. Any signs of repair will also contribute to the condition of the doll. Also, try to determine if the doll is clean and bright rather than smudged or tired-looking.

How do I find out how much my porcelain doll is worth?

Manufacturer. First, make a general assessment of your doll and determine that it is actually made from porcelain. There should be a clear identification name or number on the head, shoulder, neck, or bottom of your doll’s foot. This number can be used for online comparisons or when consulting an appraiser.

Why are old dolls creepy?

The main reason that dolls are so unsettling is that most of them lack any sort of facial expressions. … Porcelain, wax, and other types of kitschy, haunted, vintage dolls tend to offer rather flat facial features and they’re pretty creepy as a result.

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