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How much will a Bobcat lift?


Powerful, vertical-path lift arms deliver straight-up strength — an impressive 2,500-pound rated operating capacity. With that kind of muscle, you can easily handle big loads. And the S250’s reach of 34 inches and lift height of 10.5 feet make loading trucks fast and effortless.

How much is a 643 Bobcat worth?

I’m greatest at estimating used equipment value but I think $6500 – $7000 would be top price on a very good, clean, well maintained 643. Add in your labor cost + extra parts before making a decision.

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How much is my Bobcat worth?

Summary: Average Bobcat Skid Steer Prices. The average price for a new Bobcat skid steer is anywhere from $25,000 to $65,000, depending on size, specs, and features. Used Bobcats average between $5,000 and $30,000.

What is the best skid steer for the money?

– Bobcat S650. Bobcat Company is among the leaders in the compact equipment industry. …
– John Deere 332G. The most popular model in the John Deere skid steer line-up is the 332G. …
– Case Construction Equipment SV280. …
– Caterpillar 262D. …
– Kubota SSV75. …
– ASV VS75. …
– Mustang 2700V NXT2.

Is 5000 hours a lot for a bobcat?

It all depends on maintenance. I can get ours to 5000 hours without much trouble at all and then little things seem to start popping up. But I’ve seen 5000 hour machines that look like 10,000 hour machines. Hour meters get replaced occasionally too, so you really need to look at condition over hours.

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Who makes the most dependable skid steer?

– Bobcat.
– Caterpillar.
– CASE Construction.
– Komatsu.
– Terex.

How much does a bobcat 643 weigh?

Engine Cooling Liquid
——————————– ———
Horsepower 28.5 hp
Rated Operating Capacity ( SAE ) 1,000 lbs
Tipping Load 2200 lbs
Operating Weight 4140 lbs

How many hours can a skid steer last?

5,000 hours

Is it worth buying a skid steer?

Skid steers are lighter than track loaders, making them easier to transport, often with less time and cost. … Track loaders have the edge over skid steers in terms of operator comfort. The smooth operation of track loaders is a bit more forgiving than the rougher ride of a skid steer.

Who makes the biggest skid steer?


Is 6000 hours a lot for a skid steer?

Consider this: full-time use for a typical skid steer is about 6 hours per day, or 30 hours per week; a skid steer that has been worked part-time usually clocks about 15 hours per week.

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What is the best skid steer brand?

– Bobcat.
– New Holland.
– Caterpillar.
– Kubota.
– Wacker.
– John Deere.

How many hours is too many on a skid steer?

I’ve found that on average anything above 2,000 hours, in a skid steer, is pushing high hours. There will be exceptions to this rule, I’ve seen nice skid steers with 3,500 hours on them and I’ve seen junk skid swith 1,200 hours on them. I’d say 2,000-2,500 hours is typically a worn out skid steer.

How much does a used skid steer cost?

A used Bobcat skid steer can be as low as $8,000 (for smaller models with over 2,000 hours), or between $25,000-$30,000 (for larger models with under 1,000 hours). A used Cat skid steer could be as little as $13,000 and as much as $40,000 (depending on the size, hours used and attachments included).

What is the average weight of a Bobcat tractor?

6220 pounds

Is it hard to operate a Bobcat?

For many first-time DIYers, heavy equipment, like a Bobcat skid steer, can seem intimidating. However, even if your riding mower is the biggest piece of equipment you’ve ever used, you’ll find a Bobcat skid steer is just as easy to operate. …

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