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What are old last names?


– Abram.
– Acker.
– Acton.
– Addington.
– Adley.
– Ainsley.
– Ainsworth.
– Alby.

Surname Rank*
——- —–
Graham 3
Griffin 4
Gibson 5
Gordon 6

What is the best last name to have?

– Smith.
– Johnson.
– Williams.
– Brown.
– Jones.
– Garcia.
– Miller.
– Davis.

What was the first last name ever?

The oldest surname known to have been recorded anywhere in Europe, though, was in County Galway, Ireland, in the year 916. It was the name “O Cleirigh” (O’Clery).

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What is the whitest last name?

name rank White percent
————- —— ——————–
name SMITH rank 1 White percent 70.90%
name JOHNSON rank 2 White percent 58.97%
name WILLIAMS rank 3 White percent 45.75%
name BROWN rank 4 White percent 57.95%

What are names that start with G?

Gabriel Grayson
——- ——–
Greyson Gavin
George Giovanni
Grant Gael
Graham Griffin

What are names that mean something?

– Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened.
– Aiden: Celtic — The sun god; fiery.
– Alexander: Greek — Defender of men.
– Amell: German — Power of an eagle.
– Amory: German — Leader; divine; brave; powerful.
– Andrew: Greek — Strong; manly; courageous.
– Anthony: Latin — Priceless.
– Asher: Hebrew —Happy or blessed.

What is the blackest last name?

The story of how Washington became the “blackest name” begins with slavery and takes a sharp turn after the Civil War, when all blacks were allowed the dignity of a surname. Even before Emancipation, many enslaved black people chose their own surnames to establish their identities.

What are some rich last names?

– Here is a list of old money surnames, with the date the fortune was launched:
– • 1802: Du Pont family, $14.5 billion.
– • 1841: Mellon family, $11.5 billion.
– • 1858: Rockefeller family, $11 billion.
– • 1864: Donnelley family, $1.6 billion.
– • 1865: Cargill/MacMillan family, $45 billion.
– • 1865: Milliken family, $4.4 billion.

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What is the name Gram short for?

The name Gram means Contraction Of Graham and is of English origin. Gram is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys.

What is the most common black last name?

name rank Black percent
————- —— ——————–
name SMITH rank 1 Black percent 23.11%
name JOHNSON rank 2 Black percent 34.63%
name WILLIAMS rank 3 Black percent 47.68%
name BROWN rank 4 Black percent 35.60%

What is the rarest last name?

– Tartal.
– Throndsen.
– Torsney.
– Tuffin.
– Usoro.
– Vanidestine.
– Viglianco.
– Vozenilek.

What is the number 1 surname in the world?

The most popular last name in the world is Wang, meaning “king.” About 92.8 million people in mainland China have the royal last name of Wang.

What is a name that starts with L?

– Lily.
– Logan.
– Leo.
– Lucas.
– Lola.
– Lewis.
– Lilly.
– Lexi.

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Is Smith a white last name?

So, for example, the surname Smith is about 74 percent white, while the surname Garcia is 91 percent Hispanic. We then assumed the number of white Smiths grew since 2000 at the same rate as the overall white population (which was just over 1 percent).

What are the top 10 last names?

– Smith.
– Johnson.
– Williams.
– Brown.
– Jones.
– Garcia.
– Miller.
– Davis.

Is Johnson a black last name?

On first consideration one might think this surname was applied by the British, since Johnson was a common name for black men in 18th century Britain. However, early in the 18th century there was William Johnson and his sons John, Robert and James, plus brother Benjamin and son Joseph at Portsmouth.

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