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What was Michael Jordan’s salary in the NBA?


Player Position Salary
————– ——– ———–
Michael Jordan SG $33,140,000
Dennis Rodman PF 4,600,000
Ron Harper PG 4,560,000
Toni Kukoč PF 4,560,000

788,872 USD2014

What happened to Robert Sacre?

Robert Sacre, one of the top all-around centers in B. League history, has retired. The Sunrockers Shibuya made the announcement on Wednesday, which sparked a shock wave of surprise around the league. Sacre, who turned 30 on June 6, joined Shibuya in 2016 after four seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Was Michael Jordan the highest paid player?

Player Salary Team
———– ———– ——————–
Paul George $33,005,556 Los Angeles Clippers

What was Michael Jordan’s highest salary?

$33.1 million

What was Michael Jordan’s highest paid year?


What was Michael Jordan’s salary in 1984?

To put that salary into perspective, Jordan’s first contract in 1984 paid $2.8 million over four years. That’s about $7 million after adjusting for inflation, or $1.75 million a year.

What was Michael Jordan’s annual salary?

No current NBA star even approaches Jordan’s sneaker income. His estimated annual take is $130 million, four times more than second-place earner LeBron James ($32 million).

How much does Michael Jordan make a year from Nike?

It’s been 16 years since Michael Jordan played his last professional basketball game, but he still out-earns every current NBA player when it comes to sneaker income — and the ranking isn’t even close: In 2019, Jordan earned $130 million from his Nike deal, Forbes reports.

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What percentage does Michael Jordan get from Nike?


How much does Jordan get per shoe?

Jordan makes $130 million a year from shoes According to Forbes, Michael Jordan made an estimated $145M in endorsements from May 2018 to May 2019, $130M of which came from Air Jordan.

What was Scottie Pippen’s highest salary?

$109 million

How much is Air Jordan shoes worth?

Michael Jordon’s game-worn autographed Nike Air Jordan 1S from 1985 sneakers sell for $560,000 at a Sotheby’s auction. Michael Jordan mania is taking over the auction world, as a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s sold for $560,000 and became the most expensive sneakers ever sold.

What was Michael Jordan’s salary with the Wizards?

Michael Jordan’s salary with the Washington Wizards was only $2 million for two years. Why did he accept such a small deal?May 7, 2020

Does Michael Jordan still get money from Nike?

Michael Jordan, noted former basketball player and current Hornets owner/shoe mogul, is a pretty rich dude. … As a matter of fact, MJ makes $100 million a year just from Nike royalties. Jordan Brand shoes and apparel has been flying off the shelf for decades, with the brand raking in about $3 billion every year.

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Did Jordan donate his Wizards salary?

Jordan sold his 10% stake in the Wizards and stepped down from his position as their president of basketball operations in order to join the team. He also donated his first-year $1 million salary to victims of 9/11.

Did Jordan ever own the Wizards?

After retiring from the Chicago Bulls in early 1999, Michael Jordan became the Washington Wizards’ president of basketball operations as well as a minority owner in January 2000. … Jordan stated that he was returning “for the love of the game.” Because of NBA rules, he had to divest himself of any ownership of the team.

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