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Which is better Honda Jazz or Honda City?


Honda City vs Honda Jazz Comparison City has 1498 cc (Petrol top model) engine, while Jazz has 1199 cc (Petrol top model) engine. As far as mileage is concerned, the City has a mileage of 24.1 kmpl (Petrol top model)> and the Jazz has a mileage of 17.1 kmpl (Petrol top model).

The Jazz has always stood out for its practical interior and reputation for unimpeachable reliability, yet it’s never really hit the heady sales heights of some of its more conventional small car rivals; the most obvious examples being the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo.

Which is better Honda Jazz or i20?

Jazz has 1199 cc (Petrol top model) engine, while i20 has 1493 cc (Diesel top model) engine. As far as mileage is concerned, the Jazz has a mileage of 17.1 kmpl (Petrol top model)> and the i20 has a mileage of 25.2 kmpl (Petrol top model).

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Which car is better than Honda City?

Car Mileage (petrol) Mileage (diesel)
———————- ————————————————— ——————————-
New 2017 Hyundai Verna 19.1 KMPL (1.4)/17.70 KMPL (1.6 MT)/ 15.92 (1.6 AT) 21.02 KMPL (AT)/24.75 KMPL (MT)
Honda City 17.4 KMPL (MT)/18 KMPL (CVT) 25.6 KMPL

Is Honda City a reliable car?

It is safe to say that you can never go wrong with placing your bets on a Honda City. Its performance from the petrol variants is unbeatable in the segment, the comfort levels are top-notch and the car is known for its reliability factor. But as they say “Nobody’s perfect”, Same is the case with the Honda City.

Which car is better Verna or Honda City?

The Hyundai Verna price is ₹ 9.03 Lakh and Honda All New City price. … Verna provides the mileage of 17.7 kmpl and All New City provides the mileage of 17.8 kmpl.

Is Honda Jazz worth buying?

Conclusion. As old as the Honda Jazz may be, we reckon that it is still a good purchase in 2020, combining practicality and fuel efficiency into a good-looking hatchback. Driving dynamics of the Jazz is also worth a mention, although it doesn’t inspire confidence at first.

Why should I buy Honda City?

Honda City 4 Reasons To Buy Space – Having sold the car for over 20 years, Honda would have learnt a thing or two. … Engines + Efficiency – Two engines – one petrol and oil burner, are offered with the new city and both displace 1.5-litres. Performance is adequate on both models, but the petrol is more zippy.

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Is Honda Jazz going to be discontinued?

Honda is also discontinuing the Jazz in the US market, where it’s known as the Fit, leaving the new, fourth-generation model for largely Japanese and European consumption.

Is a Honda Jazz a good car?

A very reliable car, from new. The ride is a little hard, although you would notice it more on longer journeys. The magic seat system on Hondas is very good, and there is also storage space underneath the rear seats when they are in use.

Which car is better Honda City or Honda Civic?

Key Highlights City Civic
——————- ————— ————–
Engine Displacement 1498 cc 1597 cc
Power 97.9bhp@3600rpm 118bhp@4000rpm
Mileage 24.1 Kmpl 23.9 Kmpl

How many miles will a Honda Jazz do?

A very reliable, reasonably economical car to run (though not quite as economical as the maker claims). We get about 10 miles to the litre overall.

Is Honda discontinuing the fit?

Honda is dropping the Fit hatchback from its U.S. lineup after the 2020 model year. The company recently debuted a new generation of the Fit for the rest of the world, but we now know officially that the new model won’t come to the States.

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Is it worth buying Honda City 2020?

If you’ve read our review of the 2020 City, you’d know that Honda has taken the winning formula of the fourth-generation version, and made it even better – this new car packs in space and comfort, features and an enjoyable driving experience, making this all-new City a formidable contender in its segment.

Is Verna better than Honda City?

In spite of having a more powerful engine than the City, the Verna petrol manages to offer a higher mileage. It’s only when you compare the automatic variants that the City ends up having a lead over the Verna petrol. Moreover, the City’s Diesel variant offers a higher mileage than the diesel variant of the Verna.

Is the Honda Fit being discontinued in Canada?

We spoke with Honda Canada who also confirmed the end of the Civic Coupe, Fit, and Accord manual in Canada.

Is it good to buy second hand Honda City?

The Type 1 and 2 Honda City cars are pretty old in the used car market but you may still find some vehicles for prices between INR 1.5-2 lakh depending upon specific factors. The City ZX holds greater resale value and is more coveted owing to better fuel economy.

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