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Who has Nate Archibald dated?


– 1 Disaster: Raina Thorpe.
– 2 Date: Jenny Humphrey. …
– 3 Disaster: Diana Payne. …
– 4 Date: Lola Rhodes. …
– 5 Disaster: Ivy Dickens. …
– 6 Date: Vanessa Abrams. …
– 7 Disaster: Juliet Sharp. …
– 8 Date: Serena van der Woodsen. …


Who has Dan Humphrey dated?

– 1 Best: Serena Van Der Woodsen, His Dream Girl.
– 2 Not So Bad: Vanessa Abrams Since They Were Best Friends For Years. …
– 3 Not So Bad: Olivia Burke, The Gorgeous Actress. …
– 4 Not So Bad: Willa Weinstein, The College Girl. …

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How tall is Nate Tiny Archibald?

6′ 1″

How Old Is Tiny Archibald?

72 yearsSeptember 2, 1948

Who does Dan Humphrey have a baby with?

Milo Sparks Humphrey is the son of Georgina Sparks, the stepson of Philip Becker, and the legal son of Dan Humphrey. Milo appeared in five episodes.

Who did Dan Humphrey sleep with?

8 Dan Slept With His Teacher When Serena introduces Dan to her Shakespeare teacher, Dan develops a crush on the said teacher. Sure Blair spread false rumors about Dan and the teacher sleeping together, but in the end, they did sleep together and got caught for it.

Do Jenny and Nate get together?

Overview. Nate and Jenny become friends during the show’s first season and this leads to romantic tension between the two that results in them getting together briefly in season two. During the third season, Jenny continues to crush on Nate despite him dating her stepsister, Serena van der Woodsen.

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Is Tiny Archibald in the Hall of Fame?


Who did Nate Archibald date?

He meets Lola Rhodes (G.G.) and after he coaxes her for awhile, the two begin dating (Cross Rhodes). In Con-Heir, Nate is hopeful that a new investor will save the paper but he backs out after Serena, who is acting as Gossip Girl, breaks the story about Ivy bribing William van der Woodsen.

How good was Tiny Archibald?

His scoring average (14.1 ppg) was the second lowest of his career, but his 671 assists were his highest since his league-leading 910 in 1972-73. Archibald was again named an All-Star.

Who does Dan Humphrey end up with?

Dan and Serena finally get married in the finale. Dan is good friends with Nate Archibald, Blair Waldorf, and Chuck Bass. In the sixth season, Dan reveals himself to be the anonymous blogger known as Gossip Girl. He, Blair and Serena are the only characters that appear in every episode of the TV series.

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Is Dan Humphrey the father of Georgina’s baby?

In the season premiere “Belles de Jour” it is revealed Georgina had a son, Milo, born on July 7, 2010, but it is unknown if Dan Humphrey is the father at first because they never did a DNA test. … Whilst she is away, Rufus does a DNA test himself, and breaks the news to Dan that he isn’t Milo’s biological father.

What happened to Nate Archibald?

In the finale The Goodbye Gossip Girl, Nate helps Serena, Blair, and Chuck find the real Gossip Girl; although they fail. He goes to his first day at his internship only to discover his boss is interested in him, so he quits and decides to accompany Vanessa backpacking instead.

How tall was Tiny Archibald?

6′ 1″

Who does Vanessa end up with?

Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams) Throughout the series she has romantic relationships with both Nate and Dan. Following a fight with Dan at the end of season 4, Vanessa moves to Spain, and Szohr left the series. But she made a cameo in the series finale, reading a text message that reveals Gossip Girl’s true identity.

How did Archibald die?

Death. Archibald died aged 39 in Barrington, Illinois. Despite speculations, his official cause of death is unknown.

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