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Who is the woman on Phlash Phelps show?


Janine Stange is a motivational speaker, singer, and on-air personality. She is best known for her historic journey to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in all 50 states – a mission she embarked on to honor our brave.

Simply so, Who are the DJS on 60s on 6?

  • Phlash Phelps. Phlash Phelps worked for 17 radio stations all across the nation prior to joining SiriusXM. …
  • Shotgun Tom Kelly. Shotgun Tom Kelly—one of America’s best known and most loved radio personalities—plays all ’60s hits weeknights. …
  • Dave Hoeffel. …
  • Pat St. …
  • Mike Kelly.

Similarly, Where is Cousin Brucie now?

Hot on the heels of his big announcement that he is leaving SiriusXM satellite radio, Cousin Brucie Morrow revealed Tuesday that he will return to his roots hosting “Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Rock & Roll Party” on 770 WABC in New York.

What time is Phlash Phelps on Sirius radio?

Phelps hosts the Phlash Phelps’ Phunny Farm morning show weekdays from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on SiriusXM’s ‘Sixties at 6’ channel. He was hired on Aug.

Furthermore, Can you play 60s on 6?
It plays music from the 1960s. Airing on XM since 2001, the channel became available to Sirius subscribers replacing ’60s Vibrations on November 12, 2008, following the merger of the two companies. The station currently broadcasts on channel 6 of both services, as well as on Dish Network channel 6006.

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Who are the DJS on Sirius?

  • HOWARD STERN. Howard 100.
  • Hoda Kotb. Today Show Radio.
  • Big Jay Oakerson. Comedy Central Radio.
  • Sandra Bernhard. Radio Andy.

Who is replacing Cousin Brucie?

The man who hired him, John Catsimatidis, the supermarket mogul whose media company bought 77 WABC radio for $12.5 million last year, has his own nostalgic memories of Cousin Brucie. “I grew up with the guy,” Mr. Catsimatidis said in a phone interview.

Is Cousin Brucie live tonight?

Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Rock & Roll Party airs live on 77 WABC every Saturday night from 6PM-10PM, featuring music from the 1950s through the 1980s.

What Happened to Cousin Brucie on 60s on 6?

In a surprising move, longtime Sirius XM on-air personality Cousin Brucie Morrow will depart the ’60s on 6 channel after his show this Saturday night, August 1. … A company spokesperson said: “After broadcasting on SiriusXM since 2005, Cousin Brucie has chosen to step away from the mic.

What channel is 60 on Sirius?

It is carried on Sirius XM Radio channel 60 and DISH Network channel 6060 .

Outlaw Country (Sirius XM)

Broadcast area United States Canada
Frequency Sirius XM Radio 60 DISH Network 6060

Are Sirius XM DJS live?

Some of them absolutely are live most of the time, especially the ones that feature news or sports or call-in talk shows. But others are prerecorded or voice-tracked, so that programs can be repeated at various times. This is often true on channels that broadcast music.

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Where has Luc Carl been?

Lüc Carl (born December 5, 1980) is a night club manager, promoter, musician, DJ, author, bartender, certified personal trainer, and semi-pro bowler from Springfield, Nebraska. He currently lives in New York City, and works at two bars, St. Jerome’s, and Welcome to the Johnsons.

Who is Kristine Stone?

Born in Miami, 1967…fast forward through adolescence, puberty & high school! Attended Simmons College in Boston, in 1985, not having any idea what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I majored in French. Halfway through my studies, I entered a “DJ For A Day” contest at WZLX….and won!

Is Cousin Brucie back on WABC?

Days later, it was announced that Cousin Brucie would be returning to WABC in New York City, where he was previously a DJ from 1961 to 1974, with the otherwise all-talk station airing Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Rock & Roll Party weekly, beginning September 5, 2020.

How do I email Cousin Brucie?

E-mail Cousin Brucie — cousinbrucie@siriusxm.com | Last.fm.

Did Cousin Brucie pass away?

A SiriusXM spokesman said in a statement, “After broadcasting on SiriusXM since 2005, Cousin Brucie has chosen to step away from the mic. After many amazing years broadcasting on SiriusXM, and a celebrated career of more than 60 years in radio, we wish Brucie the best in any future endeavor.”

Who were the WMCA Good Guys?

Over a 40-year span in New York, Harrison was once as familiar as the first cup of coffee or the drive to work. His “Good Guy” moniker — eventually shared with WMCA personalities Jack Spector, B. Mitchel Reed, Dan Daniel, Joe O’Brien and Dean Anthony — had indeed been earned.

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Who is Katie Babs married to?

She married Crown the Empire bassist Hayden Tree in 2018.

What’s the difference between Sirius and SiriusXM?

Radios labeled as Sirius radios can only receive Sirius packages, XM radios can only receive XM packages, and SiriusXM radios can only receive SiriusXM packages. …

Why am I missing channels on SiriusXM?

If you just subscribed or are missing channels, visit siriusxm.com/refresh to activate and refresh your radio. Click here if you have not yet activated your radio. Stay up-to-date on your account and log in to the Online Account Center to view and pay your bill as well as manage your subscription.

Can you negotiate price with SiriusXM?

Yes, you read that right. You can negotiate the price of your satellite radio service. You are not the only person that isn’t willing to spend $15 a month on the service.

Who is the richest radio personality?

When it comes to being a popular media personality, Howard Stern is perhaps the best. Stern is the highest-earning radio host in 2021 and boasts a mind-blowing net worth of approximately $700 million. Howard’s big break that made him the wealthiest in the radio industry was when he signed a contract in 2004.

How can I lower my Sirius bill?

Pay for a full year: One simple way to lower your SiriusXM bill is to pay for 12 months of the subscription upfront. SiriusXM does offer a small discount for the full-year package.

Who is the best female DJ?

Top 10 Best Female DJs Of The World [Updated 2020]

  • What is DJing?
  • Annie Mac.
  • Nastia.
  • Anja Schneider.
  • tINI.
  • Blond:ish.
  • Cassy.

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