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Why did the Lakers lose 2004?


Former teammate, reportedly: Lakers lost in 2004 because Kobe Bryant wanted to be NBA Finals MVP.

Pos. No. Name
—- — —————–
PF 11 Malone, Karl
PF 14 Medvedenko, Slava
C 34 O’Neal, Shaquille
PG 20 Payton, Gary

Who all on the Lakers roster right now?

——————– — —
LeBron James #23 PG 36
Kyle Kuzma #0 PF 25
Wesley Matthews #9 SG 34
Alfonzo McKinnie #28 SF 28

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Who was on the Lakers with Karl Malone?

Gary Payton

Did Kobe play with Karl Malone?

It doesn’t sound like former two-time NBA MVP Karl Malone is the biggest fan of Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. The two basketball legends played together during the 2003-04 season, going all the way to the NBA Finals before falling to the Detroit Pistons.

Who was on the Lakers Dream Team?

Starting Center: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Picking a center for the LA Lakers all-time dream team would be among the toughest things to do for basketball fans. Despite legends like Shaquille O’Neal and Wilt Chamberlain, it is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who steals the slot for his spectacular 14-year career with the LA Lakers.

What did Karl Malone say about Kobe death?

Another former Laker, Karl Malone, who played with Bryant for one season from 2003 to 2004, said, “Kobe and Gianna you will never be forgotten.” “What a blessing to see your impact you have made in this world, Kobe,” Malone said before expressing condolences to the Bryant family.

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Who was on the Lakers team with Kobe?

No. Player Pos
— ————- —
24 Kobe Bryant SG
17 Andrew Bynum C
5 Jordan Farmar PG
2 Derek Fisher PG

What did Barkley say about Kobe?

“You have to tell the picture in totality,’ Barkley said. “We’re not making Kobe out to be no hero. We’re celebrating his basketball excellence. We understand what happened in Colorado.

Who is number 21 on the Lakers?

Travis Wear

Who is the most famous Laker?

Kobe Bryant

Did Karl Malone play in the 2004 Finals?

The 40-year-old Malone’s quest to win an NBA championship failed as the Lakers were defeated in five games by the Detroit Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals. Malone sprained his right knee in game three and played injured in games three and four before missing the fifth and final game of the series.

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Why did the Lakers keep their name?

The team moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1947, and its name was changed to the Lakers to reflect the Minnesota state nickname, “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” That same year the Lakers acquired George Mikan, who became professional basketball’s first dominant “big man” and the first in a series of great Laker centres.

What is the Lakers roster for 2019 2020?

Jersey Player WT
—— ——————- —
15 Montrezl Harrell 240
5 Talen Horton-Tucker 233
39 Dwight Howard 265
6 LeBron James 250

Who is number 11 on the Lakers?

Avery Bradley

What was the Lakers old name?

Minneapolis Lakers

Who is number 18 on the Lakers 2020?

Joel Berry II

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